San Lotano Oval

Wrapper: Habano 2000 Wrapper (4+ years)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua / Honduras

Size: Corona 5×44

Pre Light

The San Lotano Oval is exactly that OVAL. It has dark brown rustic looking wrapper with the green and gold band complimenting it very well. The smell off the wrapper is of a sweet barnyard aroma and the cold draw tastes of rich wood. The shape of the cigar fits well in the hand and has a nice draw to it. I received a five pack of these from Mike over at Buckhead Cigars so if anyone is looking for them feel free to contact him.

1st Third

The first few drags off the Oval I am met with a slight pepper along with the same rich wood flavor I was getting off the cold draw. It’s not long until a sweet chocolate flavor is creeping up on me and goes very well with the wood flavor.

2nd Third

The burn has been great on every one of these I have smoked and this one is no different. The ash can is a little flakey at times but that never bothers me because to me it’s all about the flavor. Here in the second third the pepper has died down and has been replaced with a slight coffee flavor to go with the chocolate. The wood flavor is still around but has faded to the background with the coffee and chocolate taking the main stage.

Final Third

The burn stayed cool all the way down to the end. The band came off with no problems and the paper quality is very high. The flavors here in the last few inches stayed the same but blended very well together with a few earthy notes popping in here and there.


I had high hopes for this cigar given that I really enjoyed the maduro and habano blends from San Lotano and the Oval has met all my expectations. The flavors were well blended and I had no construction issues with any of the ones I smoked for this review. If you haven’t had a chance to smoke one these you need to get your ass to it.

Keep em burnin’


8 Responses to “San Lotano Oval”

  1. Great job on the pictures Griff, I have a couple of these and really need to give them a go.

  2. Griff I to liked this cigar along with the others. Great job keep it up pal.

  3. Big fan of these cigars. I think the Petite Robusto may be my favorite size.

  4. I need to restock these. Strong but not overpowering. I need to try the petite robusto

  5. abraxas828282 Says:

    Another nice review Griff. I gotta say, I am an A.J. Fernandez fan boy.

  6. Great Review Griff, I’m an AJ Fan myself, hope to get to try one of these bad boys how was the Price point?

  7. The cigar looks and sounds fantastic. On my list. Thanks for the review Griff.

  8. Definitely in my list… nice work bro

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