Monte Pascoal Minutos

Today I am doing a review sort of a quick review depending on your idea of quick lol. I am reviewing the Monte Pascoal Minutos. This is a brazilian puro and a nice little smoke. This is not the first time I reviewed a Monte Pascoal go here to see my thoughts on the different size smoke.

So take a few minutes from your busy day and sit back with me and look at the Monte Pascoal Minutos thanks to Wesley.

10 Responses to “Monte Pascoal Minutos”

  1. Great Review, Like the Zoom effects!!! haha, I’m always looking for a quick smoke while walking the dog and kid, also with cold weather coming might not be a bad idea to look for these. Thanks for the Review. Great work

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    I really enjoyed this review. It’s almost like sitting in the room with you just shooting the bull. However, I have to say, you are really starting to worry me. First you open with ‘Moves like Jagger’ then you begin to wax poetically for hours on your love for 80′s boy bands! I’m afraid that one day we will see you wearing a Yankees cap.

    The lighting was much better and the camera was great. I am a fan of Brazil leaf so I will definately check these out.

    • Tad come on u know you like moves like Jagger lol and the 80 s band. No worries buddy u will NEVER see me in a Yankees hat lol

  3. Hi Mike, good job, sounds like the ”little” cigar to go to. I have not heard of it before, we’ll have to look for this one. O, by the way, got to see Stogie 411, this afternoon, that was a very interesting interview, i enjoyed it.

    • Thanks swede sometimes we have to let our hair down and have fun. Gary is a great laid back guy that you can ask those questions to. Thanks for supportting both sites.

  4. Glad to see your back. The sound quality was great, as was the video quality. I’ve enjoyed Brazilian puro’s for years now. They are hard to find since Dona Flor went MIA. I have to agree these are nice little smokes. The other sizes hit the spot as well.

    • Tom it seems all I do is work lol. I do appreciate your loyal support and I am happy to call u a friend. I really have enjoyed both of theses two sizes.

  5. I love you man #nohomo

  6. Hey Mike…great review. Sounds like a great little winter smoke. BTW, love the new studio.

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