The Build Part Two (Studio,Lounge and Humidor)

Today we are back with the second part of THE BUILD. I hope you enjoy this short look into my project and it looks like the humidor wont be done til January at the earliest. I am spending way more than planned. Stay tuned and watch the progress. Here we go.

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16 Responses to “The Build Part Two (Studio,Lounge and Humidor)”

  1. Fucking Great room man, very cool, I really like the Band idea I have done that with my Wine Corks that I kept. Congrats on your new life,place, man cave, looks like a great place to smoke that DW!!! hahah

  2. Wow, I miss the site for a few months and this is what I come back to. Holy crap, nice job man and enjoy that room this winter.

  3. Awesome room Mike. Can’t wait to see that walk-in humidor.

  4. Hi Mike,you really did a nice job, looks very good.The color looks like a guy’s place, and you can smoke there also! Did you spend all your ”Communion” money?

  5. Jakob (Jake) Says:

    Um, damn! You’ve been a busy little beaver. Everything looks beyond nice, man. It really does. Great job so far and looking forward to the final installment of the video series. Don’t you know the main rule for home improvement? Take whatever dollar amount you think something is going to cost and add 50% of that back to it. So if you plan on it costing $5000, take half of that ($2500) and add it back to it for a total of $7500. Then you’re closer to how much you’re actually going to spend.

    Once again, stellar job, bro. You’re not going to totally appreciate it until you get a couple of feet of snow on the ground and a wind chill of about -15 degrees though =)

  6. abraxas828282 Says:

    ove these videos Mike. Hope to see it for real some time. I have a lounge with a three tap bar but the wife wont let me smoke cigars in it. She doesn’t mind pipe smoke but hates the smell of cigar smoke. Need to get some type of filtering devise. Are you using anything specific?

    • Tad I am using a bathroom exhaust vent 160 cfm to exhaust smoke plus I’m bring in air from outside via a fresh air vent 4″.

  7. Richard C. Says:

    Looks like a great man cave…enjoy & great work on the vids

  8. Looking great Mike! Damn that’s solid! I plan on starting my cave this winter but will be working with about half the space. Keep up the good work and keep those reviews coming brother!

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