AVO Heritage

We are back with a cigar review today and one that I was shocked to see I haven’t reviewed. This cigar the AVO Heritage was in my top ten cigars of 2010. This cigar has a nice price point of $7-9.50 and is a really smooth medium to full body smoke. Take a look and see what I think of the AVO Heritage.

ios users click here:http://blip.tv/mikesstogies/avo-heritage-5655467

7 Responses to “AVO Heritage”

  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for another great review Mike. I hope I am not going to be to long winded but this cigar gives me great consternation. I love a complex cigar. One that changes throughout the smoking experience. This one is different. It is almost like smoking two cigars. There are cigars out there that do this on purpose. They maybe have two or even three different wrapers for instance. The thing is, these cigars are actually marketed this way and it is fun to smoke them and experience the changes. The problem I have with this cigar is that after smoking several, I found myself smoking through the first half just to get to the fantastic second half. Once I even thought about cutting it in half just so I didn’t have to waste my time smoking the first half. What bothers me most is, the first half is very good. Well you know me, I am just weird I guess. Just curious if you have ever had this or similar thoughts or if there is any literature from the company that they actually are trying to give the smoker two distinct smoking experiences. Am I just rambeling here? Ok I’ll stop.

    • Tad great novel lol. I have had this with several cigars but I am not aware of a manufacture that intends for you to have a decent first half but much more pleasurable second. It all has to do with placement of the fillers. Hope that helped.

  2. Hey Mike, great review, the man cave is looking great and I love the scar face picture in the back. I have had AVO’s before but never this stick, I’ll have to search these out my local doesn’t carry any AVOs at the moment so I’ll keep a look out for them. And by the by I’m watching the Cards beat up on the Rangers right now…. Stay classy my friend

  3. I passed up a free 5er of these because I was told there weren’t very good. Funny how one bad review will stick in your mind no matter how many good reviews you see.

    • C Bradley always remember all cigar reviewers are just telling u their opinion please at least try a cigar for yourself before writing it off and especially free one’s. Thanks for commenting.

  4. This was a shop owner trying to push his brand over the AVO. I completely agree with what you said.

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