LFD Colorado Oscuro

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Dominican Sumatra

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan

Size: 5 1/4 x 54

Pre Light

Our Monday smoke is an oily and marbled dark shade of brown. The wrapper has no major veins and in very beautiful to look at. The cold wrapper has a very sweet barnyard aroma and after I snipped the cap off the head I got the same sweet taste on the cold draw. The draw is perfect not too tight or loose.

1st Third

As I first light up the cigar I am blasted with a shot of pepper. The pepper quickly subsides and I am greeted with chocolate and earthy flavors that are blending very well with each other. There is not a lot of smoke coming off the cigar but still seems to be burning well.

2nd Third

As I pull past the halfway point of this LFD the earthy flavors have fallen away and are replaced with a rich coffee flavor to go along with the sweet chocolate taste that seems to be the focus of the cigar. The burn has been even and slow which I’m guessing is because of how oily this wrapper is.

Final Third

The flavors seemed to stay the same down to the end of the smoke. The chocolate and coffee complimented each other very nicely. Ash held on strong and the burn was even.


I’m definitely glad I picked I fiver up of these. Although this cigar wasn’t very complex the flavor profile was nice and at least if it sucked they are nice to look at haha. I would have to say to anyone interested go out there and grab a few.

Keep em burnin’


8 Responses to “LFD Colorado Oscuro”

  1. Great review Griff and great looking stick whats the cost on this stick?

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Dig the review brother. Looks like a beautiful stick! Keep up the good work. GO SABRES!

  3. Nice looking stick. Thanks for the information Griff.

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