M80 by Tatuaje Halloween Special

Well Happy Halloween a little early lol. I’m reviewing the Tatuaje M80 that was gifted to me by my buddy Tad. This cigar has a Ecuador Habano Maduro wrapper with both a Nicaraguan biner and filler. The price point id $7.99 and its a damn power house. Check below and see my thoughts on the Tatuaje M80.

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8 Responses to “M80 by Tatuaje Halloween Special”

  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    Very fun review brother. I am happy that you enjoyed the smoke. You know I have a box of these and I enjoy them more and more each one I smoke. I agree, not very complex but if you like a good strong full flav. cigar, this is the one to smoke. Could you imagine Mikey trying to smoke this? LOL. Loved the ending, I bet that was fun. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks tad it was fun especially having my step daughter at the end come in the video. It’s a really good stick no doubt. To your answer mike f couldn’t handle it.

  2. Great review Mike. Haven’t tried one but sounds interesting. Spooky review from beginning to end.

    People have been telling me to take my Halloween mask off but I don’t understand…I’m not wearnig one. What the hell is that all about?! Happy Halloween everyone.

    • Johng not sure why they say that your a good lookin man and I mean that in no gay way, not that theres anything wrong with that lol. Thanks for all the support.

  3. Yo Buddy Great Review one of my Favs you have done. Love the intro yours are always good. One of my favorite parts of the review. I haven’t had much Tat stuff just because its not in my area. Not sure if the M80 would be a good idea for Mikey. Have a happy Halloween with you and your Family. and don’t look now but it looked like Mike F was sneaking around in your review!!! ahhah

  4. Hi Mike, NICE intro, that was good, not my cigar after your review, I’m mild, and a great ending, that was neat!

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