Interview with Jonathan Drew

This weeks post may be a little different from the everyday norm but guess what! That doesn’t mean its bad! Without further ado let me introduce Jonathan Drew.

Those of you using IOS -

7 Responses to “Interview with Jonathan Drew”

  1. Good first interview young man and you only wiped your nose once. Lol. In all seriousness great job!

  2. That question had JD on a roll. I need those 14k goggles. He’s right about history in the marketing I’ve always said if you study the wars we fighy youve studied the history of civil


  3. “Different from the everyday norm” means it *might* actuality be good for once!

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    JD is great. Not only do I love his cigars but I think I am in love woth him as well and I have never met him in person. Good job brother. By the way, the Hawks are kicking some ASS!

  5. Good interview little fella! Jonathan Drew seems to be a good guy with good humor as well. I was never a fan of the infused stuff, and knew Drew Estates as only the Acid guys. After trying the Liga Privada t52 my opinion of them has changed drastically (for the better).

  6. Congratulations on securing this interview with Jonathan. Always interesting to hear what he has to say.

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