La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especial’e

Today we are taking you back in some way. I’m reviewing the La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especial’e. This cigar using a Connecticut seed then cultivating in Honduras. I’m smoking the Habanero (6×52). This cigar has a Honduran Connecticut wrapper with a binder of Mexico and Nicaragua. Filler of Dominican and Nicaragua ligero and Dominican and Nicaragua proprietary. I paid $10.15 plus tax here in upstate NY. Check it out and see what I think.

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7 Responses to “La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especial’e”

  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    I really dig the retro band as well Mike. I have not tried this stick yet but it has been on my list after seeing all the different reviews. You know I am from upstate NY and I love the area but I am glad I don’t have to pay those prices anymore. I feel for you brother. Well, loved the review. Can’t wait for your next one.

    • Tad like I said can’t blame La Gloria for pricing in this state but seeing I buy from B&M I have no choice. For me not not worth 10.15 plus tax. Thanks buddy

  2. Great review as always man. That is a really high price point for a La Gloria product I have had a bunch of their stuff and they are always good solid sticks but wow thats crazy. You gotta move out of NY. I’ll keep my eye out for this sticks

  3. As always, thanks for the information and review Mike. I have one sitting in the humidor and will try it soon.

  4. Hi Mike, enjoyed your comments as always, I have not smoked one, but your thoughts are something that I would also have, for what you have to spend in N.Y., I also would not spend that for the taste that you have talked about. Have smoked other cigars from La Gloria and enjoy them.

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