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Cigars..Right or Wrong

Posted in Rant on November 11, 2011 by MIKE

I wrote this article for my buddy over at  stop by and check this site out, really great. He posted it on his site but I was thinking I should post here as well for my readers to see my opinion on this much dicussed topic. So I hope you enjoy my first shot at writing an article and let me know what you think of this topic.

Cigars…Right or Wrong

When I was asked if I was interested in writing an article I was very reluctant to do as I am not the most creative person. After thinking about it , I decided it was a good opportunity to speak about something that many cigar bloggers as well as cigar enthusiast have been talking and writing about lately.

Well you ask ,what is he talking about ? It’s the very opinionated topic of flavors when smoking a cigar. We all know that the human body can only taste five flavors which are bitter,salty,sour,sweet and pungent (acrid). Now that being said, I have to say that for the most part I do agree. I also think that what you eat ,drink and smell will also play a factor in your cigar experience. Let me explain what I mean before you say this guy is out of his mind. Personally, I tend to get the flavor of a red hot candy at times. For those of you who do not know what that is , it’s a little round hard candy that has a flavor profile similar to Hot Tamales candy (spicy cinnamon). Now ,other cigar smokers that I have talked to say that they get a general spicy cinnamon flavor. Of course, neither of us are wrong . For me it’s a childhood memory – enjoying red hot candies….that’s the flavor I get. A little more specific but same general idea. When I smoke my cigars, I also tend to find the common flavors that most cigar smokers do such as leather,woody,earthy,spicy,and peppery .  If all manufactures made a cigar that had those same components and blends then we would all get the same flavor profile…. and what a boring thing that would be.

In retrospect , the flavors perceived throughout a smoke are truly a personal opinion, and nothing more than that.  Each smoker brings their past experiences to the table …wether that be foods they have enjoyed or places they have been . This adds to the diversity and uniqueness of each review, and hence why two people smoking the same cigar can have such varying opinions.   Bearing in mind while there are many words to describe flavors or smells , they are still going to fall within the five known flavors the human body can taste in some way. Plain and simple.

There are those who believe you can only get very specific flavors and those who say you can not.  So next time you sit back and grab that cigar,  just remember ….if you get burnt marshmallow from your cigar  – then you got burnt marshmallow. What you get and what others may get really doesn’t matter – it ‘s simply an opinion and nothing more. Period.

There is  no right or wrong ….Enjoy your smokes!



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