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Posted in Cigar Reviews on November 20, 2011 by smokinjoe65

size: 7×40

Country of origin: Dom. Rep.

Filler: Dom. Rep.

Binder: Dom. Rep.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano/Sumatra hybrid

Today I am reviewing the Rodrigo cigars lancero.My first overall impression of this vitola is of the habano/Sumatra Hybrid  wrapper.It is A chocolate/ brown coloration with a nice oily sheen to it.It is also somewhat” veiny”.

The cigar is firm and has a very clean overall appearance.

FIRST THIRD: Upon lighting up this lancero I was greeted with the flavors of toasted almonds wich while medium to strong in flavor had a rich impression.the smoke was coming off the foot was blue white.The toasted almond flavor giving way to strong hints of floral and  citrus.this oddly enough struck my upper palate( and was for me a pleasant surprise).this flavor of citrus and floral notes also was present in the retrohale. with plumes of dense smoke.

SECOND THIRD: The floral and citrus flavor began to ramp up with the toasted almond fading into the background.The cigar imparted a dry finish at this point.(it should be noted that I was smoking this on a cool november day at 40deg.)toward the end of the second third the flavor of toasted almonds reappeared.the taste was still on my upper pallet.

LAST THIRD: The flavor really began to ramp up from a medium bodied to a full-bodied and full flavored cigar. Strong flavors of sweet tobacco and almonds filled my senses and for me this cigar really opened up. I was enjoying this lancer immensely!

OVER ALL: I enjoyed smoking this lancero gifted to me by @masondog(on twitter).My thanks goes out to him for his generosity.It had everything a lancero should have.It showcased the blenders art very well and was loaded with depth of flavor.The owner of Rodrigo cigars is George Rodriguez who is currently from Pittsburg P.A.I thought this was interesting since Florida and Virginia Are not the only place to base good smokes from! His line of cigars can be seen and ordered from . the full site for RODRIGO CIGARS is here. . I have smoked every one of his sizes in this is flawless on every one I have smoked.All the best-smokin joe.



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