Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

We take a look at the Alec Bradley American Classic Blend today. This cigar has a Honduras Connecticut shade wrapper with a filler of Nicaraguan and binder of Nicaraguan. Take a tour with me and let me know your thoughts on this cigar.

Size Reviewed-Gordo 6×60

Wrapper-Honduran Grown Conn. Shade

Filler-Nic. Esteli and Condega long filler

Binder-Nic. Jalapa


NY State Price-$7.25

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8 Responses to “Alec Bradley American Classic Blend”

  1. Great review, I haven’t had enough AB stuff to really form an opinion but this new trend of 6×60 thats going around I just don’g get it. I don’t like the big ring gauges, mouth feel and just the sheer time it takes to smoke them I normally pass on this size. Great work

    • Corey don’t knock it til u try it. The big ring gauge isn’t for everyone but it has a good market share and I for one love em. Thanks buddy

  2. I have had my share of the 60′s they just seem un handy for me. Not sure unless I have 3 hours I will probably shy away

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Another great review Mike. I read a review on this stik that said they tried to keep the price reasonable on this cigar specifically for the New York consumers. I have heard this now from several distributors on several brands. You know I love New York but am glad I don’t have to buy my sticks there>

  4. Hey Mike! What up brother? The only thing I’d like you to add to that new intro is a few explosions! lol
    All kidding aside, I enjoy this smoke in the morning or when I just come on duty at work paired with coffee. I picked up the same notes in my robusto size and although it is 1 dimensional I like it.

    I also agree with you about the bands. AB always has a stellar band. It sells you on the stick. It screams quality. To me it says “Hey, we don’t fuck around. Smoke this!” lol

    Keep em coming bro.

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