Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf maduro

 Binder: Nicaragua

 Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua & Dominican Republic

meduim in body and full flavored

Size: No. 3(6×54)

price; 4:50 $

today i’ll be reviewing the Bonita smoke shop’s value blend or house blend. Let me first say that this cigar is far from what is precieved as a “value blend”. read on.

 My first impression of this vitola is its a slightly veiny and rustic wrapper; a Connecticut broad leaf maduro. over all it looked and felt well constructed and well packed with tobacco. it was firm to the touch with out any perceived soft spots that might denote a void.

 FIRST THIRD; I was greeted with a strong pepper and cinnamon blast  that held hints of toast.This fell primarily on my tounge. The draw was perfect with plumes of smoke reaching into the air. I was getting a really good impresion of this cigar’s construction and flavor profile. Toward the end of this first third the  strong flavor of pepper and cinnamon abated to a nice even flavor and my tounge was tingling with that” nicotine dance”. value brand my ass. this was evolving into a complex and great smoke. I was swearing at this point that pepin had to have blended this.

 SECOND THIRD; the pepper and cinnamon flavors continued to dance around my palate however the hints of toast began to fade. the draw was perfect and still held plumes of smoke.The ash held tight, the “nicotine dance” was in full swing.Towords the end of the second third, hints of earth were beginning to emerge as the pepper and cinnamon began to tame down a bit.

THE LAST THIRD; Emerging from the flavors of earth a sweet tobacco taste and hints of floral and citrus emerged. The ash gave way halfway through this smoke. thick plumes and an easy draw still continued till the end. I nubbed this sucker!

THE “WRAP” UP; I was never able to find out if this was a pepin rolled cigar but quite frankly it doesn’t matter.This cigar is NOT a value blended and rolled cigar despite what the advertisement says. It is rolled for Bonita smoke shop and the web site can be found here . house blends are perceived as being just a bundled cigar that was chosen as the best for the price blend.There is some truth to this in the past but in today’s world many house blends are well thought out and should not be over looked.The depth perception of taste is that of a stick priced at twice its cost.This  is a true gem and i highly recommend you try these. I was informed by the owner of the smoke shop that it was blended to her specifications and taste. My hats off to your palate. All the best. smokin joe.


  1. Excellent review, Joe. Makes me want to try these out, but I wish they came in a smaller vitola.

    • smokin joe Says:

      Check the Linc. I believe they do come in a robusto if my memory serves me right. The time warp is also a good smoke. And thank you. For your kind words.

  2. They have a 5X56 which skirts the edge of my comfort zone. Been curious about the Time Warp, and have read good things about the 18th Anniversay too. Thanks.

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Loved the review Joe. cant wait for your next one. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Great review of this Joe, Jackie definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to picking blends. All of her house blends are winners.

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