Zino Platinum Grand Master

Wrapper: Connecticut/Ecuador

Binder: Connecticut

Filler: Dominican/Peru

Size: 5 ½ x 52

Cost: $15

Pre Light

The Grand Master is a double capped mild cigar brought to us by the good people at Zino. The Connecticut wrapper is very light and looks extremely delicate. The cold wrapper has a sweet smell to it and so does the draw of the foot. The draw is perfect not too tight and not too loose.

1st Third

The cigar starts off smooth and creamy with no spice. The burn has been good with flavors of cocoa and coffee here in the first inch or so. It is very mild but the flavors aren’t dull at all.

2nd Third

The ash is holding on for quite a long time and the burn has needed no touch ups so far. The cocoa and coffee are still there with notes of wood coming and going. It’s burning pretty cool and at a good pace.

Final Third

The flavors of this Zino stayed the same throughout the entire experience. The construction of the cigar was great, I had no problems with the burn.


For being a $15 cigar I was expecting a little more. I mean I know it was a mild Connecticut cigar but still the cigar did not live up to the price tag at all. I’d rather grab an EP Carrillo New Wave or Perdomo Champagne if I am looking for a mild morning smoke. Construction was great but this cigar won’t be going in my humidor unless it’s a gift.  But hey that’s just my opinion give it a try for yourself.

Keep em burnin’


6 Responses to “Zino Platinum Grand Master”

  1. I had a Zino Platinum this past Friday, this was a $31 stick (it was gifted to me) I also was not impressed for the price.

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Rob. I have not tried this cigar and from what I have heard from several reviews, I will never be trying this cigar. Mostly for the price but also not one review indicated that this cigar flavorwise was worth the price. Oh, and GO SABRES!

  3. Griff I haven’t had this smoke and think I’ll have to search it out.

  4. I’ve tried these as well and for the most part have found the crown series to be good but the regular lines to be nothing special. Thanks for the review buddy.

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