perdomo reserve limited cameroon edition

Ok so this week once again I am doing a written review. You may be asking yourself why I am doing this since I make such amazing videos and the reason is that work and school have gotten to be wayyy to much. So shut up and read the damn review.

Size: 4.5 x 44 Petit Corona

Wrapper:  Grade 1 African Cameroon

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua Cuban seed

Strength: Medium

Price: $5.00

This Perdomo reserve limited Cameroon was gifted to me by a good friend Charlie Greenbacker aka @greenbacker. This cigar was a medium bodied cigar which I will first start out by saying I really did like. Little fact about this cigar which I snagged from is that this cameroon wrapper was from a cameroon they had come out with back in 2005 but only had a little left so decided this vitola (Petit Corona) was best suited.

1st Half – For about the first 1/4 inch this cigar had a little spice to it but after that it really had a nice woodsy and almost chestnutty flavor which complemented the woodsy flavor tremendously. Now the retrohale had a little spice to it as well which stayed with it through the whole cigar.

2nd Half – Turned into an even more mellow coffee and leather taste with the spicy retrohale down to the last few puffs. Now the burn on this last half  I will say was a little crappy… but hey for a $5 stick I can not complain.

Overall –  This stick for $5 is amazing. I would smoke these everyday for $5 but I do not know if they are still available or what not, you will have to hit up charlie on twitter to ask him that one. But nun the less this cigar blew me away for the size and flavor it held. I suggest you get some and try them.

Have a good week all, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and just think Christmas is around the corner. Keep em’ lit my friends have a good two weeks ill see you all then.

7 Responses to “perdomo reserve limited cameroon edition”

  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    Another great review Mike. I have not tried this one yet but have tried the Perdomo Reserve Maduro. It has a triple fermented Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. It was also well priced and very delightful for the price. Did I just say delightful? Man I am getting old.

  2. Perdomo keeps the pricing down and thats always a good thing and a big selling point, all his stuff is pretty good IMHO nice write up Buck

  3. Nice concise review. I see these are available at several online stores. How long did this one take to smoke?

  4. Glad you liked it… there’s another one coming your way in the mail.

  5. Nice review youngman. Keep up the great job u do.

  6. Wow you surprised me, I wasn’t sure you knew how to write. Perdomo does a good job of keeping costs down while producing good smokes. Thanks for the review buddy keep up the good work.

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