4 1/2  x  52
wrapper; Ecuador-Connecticut
binder; Nicaragua
filler; Honduras/Nicaragua/
A family blend of Central
& South American Tobaccos

Today I will be reviewing the torano casa torano robusto.My first impression of this robusto is of the Ecuador-Connecticut wrapper that is smooth and almost vein free.The robusto is well packed with tobacco. the cigar is also firm to he touch.

FIRST HALF: I was greeted with strong flavors of white pepper and sweet tobacco mixing with an easy draw . plumes smoke wafted into the air as I noted that the flavors where primarily on the front of my tounge and the roof of my pallet.I was also experiencing a” slight nicotine dance” on my toungue.The sign of some well aged and well fermented tobacco.

SECOND HALF: the pepper and sweet tobacco taste began to settle down to a medium flavor and the robusto settled down to a medium bodied medium flavor. I was enjoying the great flavor and taste of this robusto! The plumes of smoke and easy draw continues unabated until i nubbed this vitola to the first knuckle bone.

THE “WRAPP” UP: I have been smoking the toranno family casa torano robusto for a while now. It was a friend/ family blend.The binder is from the families Nicaragua farms. I usually keep a few of these in permanent residence in humi #2. I enjoy this blend and I think you will too. it is a medium bodie through out with the flavors radiating from medium to full. enjoy it I certainly do! torano family web site is here all the best-smokinjoe


  1. Joe nice review and love the pics.

  2. Haven’t tried this one, but I do like the 50 Years, Signature, and Master. Nice descriptions in your review.

    • smokin joe Says:

      Thank you. I try my nest to ffind the rigjr descriptive words so you can get the right impression.

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great job Joe. The review and pictures are top notch. Can’t wait for your next one!

  4. I really dig this smoke quite a bit more than the Maduro version though the maduro is damn fine in the lancero I find the other sizes lacking. The Casa Torano was a bit of an overlooked gem for me. I’d seen these on the shelves for a while but hadn’t tried them, I was glad I finally did. Keep up the good work Joe!

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