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Imperiales by Leon Jimenes

Posted in Cigar Reviews on December 5, 2011 by Griff

Wrapper – Dominican Republic Corojo Maduro

Binder – Dominican Republic

Filler – Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil

Size: 6×50

Pre Light

The Imperiales by Leon Jimenes has a great oily looking wrapper with a very dark shade of brown to it. It has a well applied triple cap which is easily removed with my cutter. The draw is free flowing with notes of spice and wood on the cold draw. The wrapper is seemless and has an aroma of pepper and hay. It has a nice weight to it and is packed pretty generously from head to foot. I don’t know why the first picture I took of the full cigar is so light. The wrapper is very dark as the other 3 pictures I took while smoking show.

1st Third

The cigar starts out with a kick of pepper, nothing overwhelming but does make you want to take a sip of water. After the first few puffs the pepper dies down but still lets you know it’s there once in a while. I am starting to pick up the notes of wood that I got off the cold draw. Just as I am starting to pick up the wood flavors I already have to relight the stick.

2nd Third

As I pick up here at the half way point the woody and pepper flavors are still there with some sweet and earthy flavors starting to pick up as I reach the middle of the cigar. As I reach the end of the second third I have already had to relight the cigar at least five times and I’m not going to lie that it’s starting to get annoying.

Final Third

As I reach the end of this cigar the flavors where rich and plenty full. The cigar had a nice complexity to it with the wood, spice, sweetness and earth but the constant relighting which by this time I have lost count how many time I did has become a real pain in the ass.


This cigar was a bitter/sweet experience. The flavors were nice and I enjoyed the complexity but it had major construction problems. Both the 3rd and 4th cigar I smoke for this review had voids going down the center of the cigar which were causing the cigar to tunnel. After it happening the second time I wasn’t smoking the 5th due to the annoyance. All the cigars I smoke where from the same box out of the shop so it may just be a bad box so I do suggest trying them cause I did enjoy the flavors. Plus the price point on these where only around $5-6 so it doesn’t really break the bank.

Keep em burnin’



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