Blind Review

Today I am doing a blind review thanks to @czerbe on twitter. This is a great way to see that we all don’t have a clue most of the time especially when we have zero info on what we are smoking. So sit back and see if luck is on my side. Thanks to Corey for this smoke.

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7 Responses to “Blind Review”

  1. Great blind review, Mike. I really appreciate the openness of these. Not that you aren’t being honest in your other reviews, but with no expectations, the results are a bigger revelation. I really like these MB3′s. Kudos to Corey for sending this one to you.

  2. Hey man thanks a lot for doing this I have always thought they were a fun idea. I totally suck for not sending you the Wrapper, Binder, Filler info ahead of time. I will be more prepared for the next stick I send you, thats right I have it already picked out. hahah. Like I told you before I haven’t tried the MB series yet at all but my Local B&M had these laying around so I thought I would send it your way to see what you thougth (you know since I value your opinion so much… yeah right). Hope all is well Thanks again

    P.S. next time you can do a review on that Beard cause its starting to get a life of its own haha

    • Corey I appreciate u sending the cigar and asking me to do a blind review. As for respect stop lol. Just messin buddy the beard is nothing wait til spring lol.

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Love the blind review! I was thinking it was an Alec Bradley Tempus. Does the little lady like the beard?

  4. cigarlifter Says:

    I was sure it was a CAO brazilian when I looked at it too. This was a big surprise. I like the Oliva Master Blend 3, and still have some in my humidor. Enjoyed the video review early this morning before work while sipping on some java…time to go and get ready for the daily grind. Look forward to getting together 12/23 at your house for some smokes and company. Take care and…let’s do another joint review this winter. I always enjoyed doing them and now we won’t have to freeze …LOL

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