wrapper;dom(maduro)/USA conn(natural)
size: 7×56

Today I’ll be reviewing the exquisito torpesito. this vitola caught my attention while in my local B&M. After consulting my pearlmans guide and doing some searching on the internet I found out a bit about the company(more on them in the “wrapp” up)The wrapper was slightly veiny and a bit wrinkled on places.The body was firm and well packed with tobbacco.The barber wrapper was seamless but appeared a bit dry.

THE FIRST THIRD:I was met with a mild bodied and very good draw producing a nice plume of smoke. The first twist on this, the maduro wrapper,  had strong flavors of earth and leather.During the retro hale I was met with strong notes of pepper and tobacco.The burn was even and the smoke a blue/white.During the Connecticut portion of the band the flavors quickly switched to a creamy  flavor with hints of toast and vanilla. this was a nice melding of wrapper and flavor.

THE SECOND THIRD: The flavors began to meld into a mixture of cocoa and coffee and I experienced a nic. .tingle on my palate. the bodie and flavor remained medium in profile and continued throughout the second third without any surprises. Burn was even through both wrappers and the draw was steady and stayed very good.

LAST THIRD: The torpsito tamped down to a mild;straight forward smoke with that dominican puro flavor profile I have become accustomed too.Once again no surprises and construction and burn were very good.

THE WRAPP UP: After some research into pearlmans to find out more about the brand; I learned that other than the USA conn. wrapper this was an all dominican puro.The company had changed names and is detailed on thier web site. I liked this smoke and would enjoy it again.Barber poles are the rollers display of craft. according to pearlmans there are only 21 companies producing this type of vitola.  the company can be  found here http://www.crowndavid.com/exquisto.html. all the best from the winter man cave SMOKIN JOE


  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Joe. Never heard of this stick. I have been relegated to smoking cigars in my vehicle during the winter. My wife will let me smoke my pipes in the house but not cigars. Keep up the good work Joe!

  2. smokinjoe65 Says:

    Neither had I. It caught. My.attention.and.had to do some research on.it. nice.straight forward. Smoke.

  3. Never been a fan of those cigars with dual wrappers. I don’t know why but I do not like the Aesthetics. I have smoked maybe 2 or 3 one being A La Gloria. It is nice being exposed to something I did not know existed- there are so many (and so little time lol). When warm weather hits I got a lot of catchin up to do. Keep up the good work Joe.

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