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Posted in Cigar Reviews on December 18, 2011 by smokinjoe65

Filler: Seco, Ligero, Cubito
Binder: Honduran
Wrapper: Brazilian

Length: 6″
Ring Guage: 54
price point:8.75

today I’ll be reviewing the 262(smoke the revolution) box pressed toro. On first inspection this vitola displayed a rustic chocolate-brown wrapper.A bit vieny and firm. this stick is a true box pressed cigar,squared off on the sides and not just a ‘pressed look”.

FIRST THIRD; the cut was clean and  the lighting draw was firm but flowing. I was introduced to the rich taste of mocha and espresso with a hint of cinnamon on my palate. nice thick plumes of smoke were produced from the draw.(wich was firm and flowing through the first third)The burn was slightly irregular but did not need any touching up and self corrected. This is not surprising as a thick maduro  wrapper is needed for a true box press to be possble.this is the third box press I had smoked and I was loving every one of them.this cigar exudes a classic profile that for me is enjoyable and relaxing

SECOND THIRD: the chocolate and espresso  had flowered into rich tasting coffee and dark chocolate with a slight tingle of the “” on my tongue. the wrapper was just plain yummy and was chewy.Quite frankly I wanted to eat it! the ash was thick,clingy,and firm. With thick banding on the ash.

THIRD AND FINAL: By the time I had reached this point I was a fan in a big way.  Rich tasting notes of coffee and dark chocolate with notes of cinnamon continued.This  one had a long finish(around 45 min).The ash stayed clinging to about the half way point before discarding itself. IMO-This cigar does what others do (I.E. acronym named ones at that)at almost half the price point.For me that’s a big deal. this cigar needs to be smoked.Its that good.

THE WRAPP UP; well if you have read to this point I have an anouncement.mikes stogies is running a give away.Everyone who posts on all 4 reviews this week is eligible to win  prizes.this includes a humidor,colibri cutter,single torch lighter,3 finger cigar pouch,and 15 cigars from various brands. merry christmas and all the best!! smokinjoe


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