Filler: Seco, Ligero, Cubito
Binder: Honduran
Wrapper: Brazilian

Length: 6″
Ring Guage: 54
price point:8.75


today I’ll be reviewing the 262(smoke the revolution) box pressed toro. On first inspection this vitola displayed a rustic chocolate-brown wrapper.A bit vieny and firm. this stick is a true box pressed cigar,squared off on the sides and not just a ‘pressed look”.

FIRST THIRD; the cut was clean and  the lighting draw was firm but flowing. I was introduced to the rich taste of mocha and espresso with a hint of cinnamon on my palate. nice thick plumes of smoke were produced from the draw.(wich was firm and flowing through the first third)The burn was slightly irregular but did not need any touching up and self corrected. This is not surprising as a thick maduro  wrapper is needed for a true box press to be possble.this is the third box press I had smoked and I was loving every one of them.this cigar exudes a classic profile that for me is enjoyable and relaxing

SECOND THIRD: the chocolate and espresso  had flowered into rich tasting coffee and dark chocolate with a slight tingle of the “nic.dance” on my tongue. the wrapper was just plain yummy and was chewy.Quite frankly I wanted to eat it! the ash was thick,clingy,and firm. With thick banding on the ash.

THIRD AND FINAL: By the time I had reached this point I was a fan in a big way.  Rich tasting notes of coffee and dark chocolate with notes of cinnamon continued.This  one had a long finish(around 45 min).The ash stayed clinging to about the half way point before discarding itself. IMO-This cigar does what others do (I.E. acronym named ones at that)at almost half the price point.For me that’s a big deal. this cigar needs to be smoked.Its that good.

THE WRAPP UP; well if you have read to this point I have an anouncement.mikes stogies is running a give away.Everyone who posts on all 4 reviews this week is eligible to win  prizes.this includes a humidor,colibri cutter,single torch lighter,3 finger cigar pouch,and 15 cigars from various brands. merry christmas and all the best!! smokinjoe

34 Responses to “262 BOX PRESSED PARADIGM”

  1. Cigarlifter Says:

    Nice review. I’d forgotten about this stick. I haven’t had one since summer. I will need to get some more of them soon.

    • smokinjoe65 Says:

      Thank you. It’s a realy great smoke at a.very good price.point. for what it does. I keep some on my rotation. Thanks again.

  2. Love the Paradigm

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review Joe for a great stick! I love these cigars only wish my local B&M carried them.

    • smokinjoe65 Says:

      You can go on the web site and order a sampler pack. Links in the review. I can’t either but hopefully people will ask thier b& m for them.

  4. I haven’t tried any 262′s yet, looks like I’ll have to pick one up now. Thanks for the review.

    • smokinjoe65 Says:

      Thank you for reading. I think you won’t be disappointed. I like to bring out some blends that ,while not widely known,should be.

  5. Enjoyed your review, have not smoked this cigar, thanks for the contest.

  6. after your review I need to try some Paradigm

  7. I hope I can win that prize!

  8. Jakob (Jake) Says:

    I’ve only smoked a handful of box-pressed and the majority of those were almost too tight of a draw to enjoy. I guess I need to try some others. Great write-up and photos.

  9. Well looks like another cigar I’ll have to pick up. Thanks for the detailed review.

  10. I’m a big fan of what Clint & the 262 guys are doing. I love the Paradigm & Ideology. Great review!

  11. I haven’t had the 262 Yet but I have heard good things about them. I’m a fan of the Box Press really like the feel and draw you get from them. I’ll have to keep my eye out for these. Thanks again

  12. nice review

  13. Captain billy Says:

    Nice review. Might be a hard smoke to find locally but thanks for the info

  14. I am waiting to smoke another paradigm, the first I had was almost flavorless. I have an Ecology waiting to burn also.

  15. Count me in! Thanks.

  16. New stick to me, but I will be on the lookout for one.

    Thanks for the contest!

  17. 262′s are great sticks….nice review!!!

  18. I recently had my first cigar and coffee….oh man it was something else. Id like to try a cigar with hint of coffee

  19. Sounds good, I’ve seen these around and thought about buying some. The flavor profile sounds right up my ally.

  20. Damian Chandler Says:

    I’ve been on a box press kick lately. Maybe I should add these to the ever growing want list.

  21. cigarjockey Says:

    IMO this sounds like a better tasting stick then the Cohiba.Gonna have to try one sometime.

  22. Greg Wisniewski Says:

    The boxed press format is starting to grow on me and i might even prefer it now. It is weird how in cigars a few really good experiences can change the way you view something.

  23. great smoke, your review is spot on.

  24. Thanks for the contest, it looks like I need to try one of these cigars…thanks for the review….felt like I was smoking it.

  25. AJTurtlessss Says:

    Nice review. I’ve got one of these waiting for me in the coolidor. I’ll smoke it this weekend.

  26. going to have to go out and find some of these now…but if I find em where am I going to put em!?

  27. got to try these!!

  28. Ken/Franklin, TN Says:

    I just grabbed one of these the other day and planned to enjoy it on the golf course. Unfortunately, it’s pouring and I’m relegated to a folding chair at the edge of the garage. I’m guessing that I’m enjoying this smoke much more than I would have on the course. This is seriously flavorful. Watching the rainfall and enjoying a great cigar is quality reflective time!

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