Bucks Top 5 of 2011

Now in all fairness I am not putting these in any order because I find these cigars to be all extremely amazing. Hope you enjoy my top 5 favorite cigars I have smoked in the year of 2011. Hope this next year brings more great smokes and more great reviews from the mikes stogies team. I have enjoyed this first 6 months of reviewing for mikes stogies and hope to continue to improve and show my passion for cigars. Thanks mike for everything you have done. Now enjoy this short little 5 fav cigar overview.

#1 – My Father Le Bijou 1922

#2 – Emilio AF2

#3 – Zino Embassy Selection

#4 - Tatuaje Wolfman

#5 – Davidoff Double “R” 2011

Well it’s that time of year again and thanks to out sponsors hear at Mike’s Stogies we have some free shit to give away to you good folks. So here’s the deal, if you leave a comment on all four posts throughout the week (which is Joe’s that posted yesterday, mine today, Youngbuck’s on Wednesday and Mike’s on Friday) you will be eligible to win:

1 Humidor (pictured below)

1 Colibri Cutter

1 Single Torch Lighter

1 Three Cigar Leather Pouch

15 Cigars

Good luck & Keep em burnin’

22 Responses to “Bucks Top 5 of 2011”

  1. Cigarlifter Says:

    Thanks for your top 5. Tried some of them, hope to try the others. Great year for new smokes. So many to try and never enough time. Such is life I guess. Look forward to many more reviews and your opinions as you gain experience in the cigar world.

  2. nice review!

  3. I’ve only had one of those, but there’s always tomorrow. Nice list.

  4. Thanks for the contest, I really need to try this Emilio

  5. So many cigars to try, so little time. Thanks.

  6. Nice list!

  7. Bummer how fast the Wolfman vanished.

  8. nice review!!

  9. have to try this!! nice review merry x-mas!

  10. That’s a solid list. There were plenty of worthy cigars this year. I’d hate to know I had to narrow them done to 5.

  11. Buck as usual great review I have had the AF2 and the My Father both great sticks. Hope you have a great Christmas and keep up the good work.

  12. The AF2 would be at or near he top of my list as well! Great post.

  13. Jakob (Jake) Says:

    Very precise and to the point. Nice!

  14. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thank you for your top five selection. Planning on smoking a Wolfman tonight. You know I am a big fan of your reviews. Keep up the good work brother!

  15. I haven’t smoked any of those!

  16. OK. love those contest’s, thanks.

  17. Thanks for the list I’ve haven’t had any of them.

  18. Paul Knettler Says:

    I’ve smoked 2 of your top 5 and am looking foward to trying the other 3. The My Father is a great smoke. The Emilio AF2 is absolutely delicious and at it’s price point can easily be an every day go to smoke. KUDOS to you sir for your contrubution to the cigar world.

  19. Loving me some LB ’22s right now!!! Keep it coming YB!

  20. Nice job on your list. The Wolfman somewhat disappointed me, I think it was more strength than complexity but to each their own. Thats part of what makes smoking cigars so great, every gets a different experience.

  21. I had 2 of the 5 and enjoyed them. I knew 1922 would be on your list I’m a fanboi too. All those Emilio’s are outstanding. – Leo_botl

  22. Greg wisniewski Says:

    Another nice list with some that are tough to find for me

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