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La Flor Dominicana Mysterio

Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 30, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Natural Habano

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: 7×54 Perfecto

Pre Light

As the Super Bowl is coming up next week I decided it was time to smoke some of the cigars I won from Mike from over at Stogie Review from last year’s game.  These LFD’s are some amazing looking cigars. The wrapper is oily and seamless. The pig tail caps on all five I smoked are flawless. With the length of these perfectos they look like miniature submarines. The smell on the cold cigar is of manure and pepper and after the clipping of cap the flavors on the cold draw is pepper and wood.

1st Third

After lighting up the thin foot I am hit with a blast of pepper along with coffee and a slight wood in the background. The draw is pretty easy right from the start which I thought was going to be a little tight at the beginning due to the perfecto shape. The ash is a medium grey and holds on for well over an inch.

2nd Third

The pepper has died down as I move into the middle portion of the cigar but as that happens it is replaced with a nut.  The nut flavor is a nice compliment to the coffee and wood flavors that are still around. There is plenty of heavy smoke and the oil around the burn is nice.

Final Third

As the cigar is getting skinny again it is time to ditch it but I’m said to see it go. The flavors were the same up to the end. Burn stayed even and didn’t need any relights or touch ups.


I’m glad that the Steelers lost last year and I won these. They were flavorful and complex. The balance of flavor and power were complimentary and was a nice change of pace. The cigars have a little higher price tag then I’m usually comfortable at around $16 a stick but hey I didn’t pay for them haha.

Keep em burnin’



Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 29, 2012 by smokinjoe65

I’ll be reviewing the diamond crowns contribution to the 2011 cigar family charitable foundation.this foundation was started to build a wing onto a School in the dominican republic and has grown since then into a worthwhile endevor.I urge you to check out their website as they are involved in some great projects helping out children. I would also like to thank those officers who gifted me this cigar at my retirement.The cigar is composed of rare and aged tobacco, and is rolled by the Fuente Family in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera A. Fuente. The cigar features an Ecuadorian wrapper, and is composed of a robust blend of Central american filler. This is all I could find out on this exclusive blend. The cost is 25.00$ to 35.00 $ with all profits going to the charity.The wrapper has an oily sheen and appears to be  a broad leaf wrapper.

THE FIRST THIRD; in a word WOW. I was greeted right from the firsts puffs with strong flavors of smoked almonds&cracked pepper.There was also an underlying strain of sweet honysuckle.the draw was perfect with plumes of blue/white smoke wafting into the air.I can say that I don’t think I have smoked such a power house of flavors right off the bat before.

SECOND THIRD: the flavors melded down to hints of toasted almond and dark chocolate. towards the end of the second half notes of that honeysuckle sweetness re-emerged.The burn was perfect and the draw remained also.The ash was thick and banded and clinged to the end of the cigar tightly.

LAST THIRD: With the continuing underlay of honey suckle I detected notes of mustard. there was a pervasive sweetness wich rolled around my palate. If my mouth could dance it was in full Ted Nugent wango tango! I smoked this untill I was almost burning my finger tips off.

THE WRAPP UP: Ok at the price point this vitola did every thing it should. I was also blessed with some to smoke it in. The only down side is when reaching for the cigar poised on my stinky ashtray I knocked it in.So I lost my shot of the ash still clinging almost all the way to the end.obviously this is a celebratory cigar wich comes packaged with an opus x. However if you’re looking for something special to celebrate with and contribute to a worth while cause while doing so;Then you can’t go wrong. all the best-smokinjoe

Gurhka Seduction and Giveaway

Posted in Giveaway/Contest, Video Reviews on January 27, 2012 by MIKE

Back around Christmas time I was gifted a very generous package from the fine folks at Gurhka and I figured if they were kind enough to send me these smoke I should at the very least give them my honest thoughts regarding their cigar. So today I’m reviewing the Gurhka Seduction. This cigar is a medium body smoke and has an Ecuadorian  Habano wrapper with a Dominican,Olor binder and Corojo, Columbian filler. This comes in 4 different sizes in box of 20. So let’s see my thoughts on the Gurhka Seduction.

Congrats to James M. on winning the giveaway. Please email me at with your address and I will get this out to you.

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Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ “Little Robusto”

Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 23, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 4 ½ x 50

Pre Light

I recently purchased a box of these little robusto because first and foremost they are for a great cause. To read more about the cause and background of this cigar CLICK HERE. They come in boxes of 24 and go for around $154. The wrapper on these is a light shade of brown with a sweet barnyard smell to it. The wrapper also has minimal veins and it feels well packed from head to foot. After snipping off the cap there is a free flowing draw with tastes of spice and cocoa.

1st Third

As I take my first few puffs of this JJ I am met with that typical Pepin pepper right off the bat, but it quickly dies down. After the pepper dissipates I am met with wood and a slight cocoa after taste. There is a lot of smoke coming off this little stick.

2nd Third

The sweetness here kicked up a notch along with the pepper again. The woody flavor that was in the forefront of the cigar is still there and seems to be the signature of the smoke. As I started the second half of my JJ the wrapper really started to unravel but is still smoking just needing a touch up here and there.

Final Third

Wrapping up this JJ the flavor profile stayed the same. The wrapper finally fixed itself and continued to smoke at a good pace. The ash was a little flakey on the edges but still held on for over an inch and was a dark grey color.


The Serie JJ isn’t the most complex cigar but the flavor profile was is still ok. Besides the one I smoked for this review the rest I have smoked didn’t have the construction problems this one had. Even if you don’t like them you should buy them just to support their cause.

Keep em burnin’



Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 22, 2012 by smokinjoe65

Today I will be reviewing two petite Caronas’. Both good winter smokes for when you don’t have a lot of time due to the temps or your man cave doesn’t have any heat. (my apologies to the women smokers. I’m open to( diva cave?) suggestions). Both smokes take about 20 min. to finish.

THE FONSECA 1907 (440);
Packaging: Cedar Chest of 50.  Binder: Mexico Wrapper Type: Ecuador Connecticut Length: 4.50 Filler: Dominican Republic(2$ a piece) this cigar has strong hints spice and  cinnamon to it.The draws is  easy. with a good tobacco taste. The smoke is surprisingly voluminous.Medium in both flavor and bodied. Enough to keep things interesting in a short smoke.The wrapper is flawless and blemish free. This petite corona will not disappoint when;” you’re in the weather”. At a price point of @2.00$ a stick for a petite Carona; it is a little pricey.

FAMOUS: BUENOS: Size:4 x 42 Country of Origin:Nicaragua. filler; Nicaragua. wrapper: Maduro. Binder;???

These come in chests of 40 for 38.00$ a box and are a decent smoke for the winter.The wrapper is a rustic and splotchy. I have been told that these are made in Nestor placencia’s factory for famous. There are  hints of spice and pepper,and that sweet maduro taste and while rustic in appearance it smokes well and is,surprisingly, a 30 min smoke or so. I found that several of the cigars I smoked had voids in them. But at this price point (.95 cents a stick) who’s crying. They were all smokable  and the  flavor being a full-bodied with medium flavors. Flavor wise It’s  anything but a  bargain brand.

THE WRAPP UP: Both of these smokes are worth a try,especially if your stuck outdoors or in an unheated garage(yes I have a heater in my garage).recently abraxxis, a follower of mine on twitter, stated “I’m freezing my nuts off on the porch smoking”.This as I was writing this review. So I hope these choices will help fill a niche when you want a smoke without sacrificing fingers… However I have also wanted a smoke while out and in the communist state of New Jersey your ass is going outside of the bar/restaurant. On the up side  if you’re freezing you won’t break the bank if you have to ditch one of these.I have just  seen(as I of writting this) the Fonseca on sale for 65.00$ a box, and this makes it an attractive alternative.  all the best-smokinjoe


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