Avo 80th Anniversary

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: 6×52 Belicoso

Pre Light

This review is gonna be short and sweet because I am hung over like shit. I figured I’d smoke smoothing a little special for New Years and this one is pretty special. It has a nice milk chocolate colored wrapper and had a sweet barnyard smell off the cold cigar. The draw was perfect after I sliced the cap off and there was a sweet taste off the old draw along with a slight pepper.

1st Third

After lighting this up I am surprised of the creaminess. I was expecting a little more pepper after the cold draw but it’s not bad just surprising. The first third has earthiness with that sweat creaminess and the construction has been good throughout the first inch or so.

2nd Third

Half way through and the profile has stayed the same but with a slight pepper and wood flavor coming in here and there. The ash is holding on pretty good and is a dark grey color. Haven’t needed any touch ups and am enjoying it so far.

Final Third

Here in the final puffs I picked up the same flavors but they just seemed to get richer and more intense towards the end. I have no complaints about the construction and enjoyed every puff.


As I end up this Avo 80th I am very glad I saved this smoke for a special occasion it was well worth it. The flavors were great, construction was great and the day was great. I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s and I hope you all the best in what is to come. Hope to see and talk to you all in the coming year.

Keep em burnin’

5 Responses to “Avo 80th Anniversary”

  1. Happy New Years buddy I’m with you on the Hung Over part, way to much scotch for this guy. I really like AVO products (who doesn’t) Hope Philly was kind to you.

  2. Great…now I want an Avo 80th! But I’m too cheap to buy one! LOL

  3. Happy New Year Mike, hope you are feeling better by now, looking forward to your thoughts in the coming year.

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    Enjoyed the review Griff. Was the price point good for this cigar or do you feel it is a little overpriced? By the way, I hate the Patriots!

  5. Cigarlifter Says:

    Enjoyed the review I have tried those cigars myself I have to agree with your opinion it’s a great smoke no matter what the occasion

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