Arturo Fuente Cubanitos

This week I am doing the Arturo Fuente Cubanitos. I chose this cigar because silly me forgot I had a post to do. (school and work are getting the best of me) But to say the least this was a pretty good cigar/cigarillo.

Length – 4.5″

Ring Gauge – 32

Wrapper – Cammeroon

Filler – Short Fill

Boxes/Tins – 10ct

            Now this cigar I wont do in halves because it is just way to damn small. So ill just give you a recap of the 10 min it took me to smoke this. Plain and simple is all there is to say, this cigar is not made like other higher end Arturos. This cigar was made to be enjoyed for dog walks (or cat walks like Rob does), short drives, or breaks during work. Though out the whole stick I got a nice all pallet pepper and just normal tobacco nothing complex and nothing that changed through out the stick.

Would I smoke it again, sure why not. If I’m in a pinch and NEED something quick I surely would grab another one of these Cubanitos. But for those of you that smoke half a stick and pitch it because you don’t have the time I would recommend you try this stick next time you need a quick smoke.

Till next time keep them burning.

6 Responses to “Arturo Fuente Cubanitos”

  1. Nice review. I think I like these a bit more than you. To me, they’re chock full of nuttiness.

  2. Small, Mediocre, and fast…. sounds like Youngbuck to me haha. Sometimes thats all you need to get you over the hump a short little smoke. I have had these and they arn’t bad, not the Fuentes that are out there but a nice little stick. Hope all is well.

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Mike. I am wondering if anyone has tried the CAO MX2 cigarillo? A friend of mine smokes the Partagas cigarillos and loves them. Isn’t Rob’s cat like 20 lb?

  4. cigarlifter Says:

    Always good to hear about a decent cigar to smoke that doesn’t take long (especially in winter when you have to smoke outside), This sounds like one I would try. Price point???

  5. Cigarillos are a lesser known smoke, which more people should try. AFs are good, but the CAO La Traviata cigarillos are still my favorites.

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