Nat Sherman Timeless

Today we start off the new Year with a new cigar. The Nat Sherman Timeless. I was gifted this cigar by Michael Herklots of Nat Sherman. This cigar is available at their NYC townhouse location and at B&M’s. The Nat Sherman Timeless is a wonderful unique blend of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers with a Dominican binder and a Honduran wrapper. They come in boxes of 20 and the prices below do not include state and local taxes.



No. 2-6.25×52 Torpedo=$160

No. 5 3.75×43=$125

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11 Responses to “Nat Sherman Timeless”

  1. Mike as always love checking out your reviews its becoming my Friday Ritual with coffee. I caught the 411 show with the Nat Sherman (sorry forgot your name) guy and seems like a really cool dude and a great company the band looks pretty cool and I thought it was a watch face as well. Hope I can get my hand on a couple of these to try. Hope all is well and Happy New Years

    • Corey love hearing what u have to say and man the support means the world to all of us. You need to get this smoke it’s awesome. Thanks

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review Mike. I want to thank you for letting me sample this cigar in the No. 5 vitola at your Christmas herf. I was blown away by the flavors in this cigar. I have to admit my expectations were not high when you offered me this stick due to the fact I could not remember a Nat Sherman cigar I had enjoyed in like 20 years! I agree, this is a winner. Please, anyone watching this review, find this cigar! you will not be disapointed!

  3. A great way to start off the year. The last time I had anything by Nat Sherman were some cigarettes about 38 or so years ago. I’ll have to hope I see these at one of my local shops. Thanks for another tasty sounding review (and more potential damage to my bank account lol).

  4. Mike, thanks for the review and, as usual, an infornative review. I might have the chance to get to the Townhouse this upcomimg week and hopefully get a couple of these. A Happy New Year to you as well.

  5. Mike, great review. looking forward to trying these. Unless i just missed it, you never mentioned what your favorite size was. is the No.2 that you smoked for the review? Thanks and Happy New Year, great start to 2012!

    • Tony you can find these in your BM now. Oh crap I never did say that did I lol my favorite size is the one I smoked. Hope u find and thanks for the support.

  6. Stuff made by quesada can really go either way some sticks great burn some not so much. I was excited to hear these were made by quesada as they seem to be on a roll between oktoberfest, espana, and the original batch of Tributos. I was curious to see your review of these as I haven’t smoked any of mine yet keep up the good work man.

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