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Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 7, 2012 by smokinjoe65

Size: 7 x 52
Wrapper: Dominican Pelo de Oro
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium-Full
Cigars Smoked 3
PRE LIGHT; this vitola had a rugged and toothy appearence.It was vieny and was firmly packed w an oily sheen to it.

THE WHOLE SHABANG: Normaly I try to break up anything at toro lenght or better into thirds,but this one was the same flavor profile through out. upon the first ignition of the foot I expierenced notes of esspresso and coccoa.The draw was frim and the smoke plumes came easy.The ash bieng a frim,banded and grey/white.The flavors began to setle down about an inch into this. the taste of black strap mollassas permeated through out the rest of this smoke.About half way through I decided to give it a retrohale. The notes of cinimon and pepper dominated.This cigar was a pleasant smoke,medium in bodie and flavor; enjoyable.

THE WRAPP UP: I was reminded while smoking this stick that I have done a number of botique brands and the nuances of these blends lend themselves to extended reviews.This cigar is like a good many cigars produced by the big rollers(pun intended).It was straight forward and a pleasure to smoke. I was impressed with the pele de oro choice for a wrapper.I would recomend trying this blend.Its just a pleasant smoke.-all the best-smokinjoe


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