Alec Bradley Black Market

Today I’m reviewing a Alec Bradley Black Market. This cigar has a Nicaraguan wrapper with a Sumatra binder and a filler of Panama,Hondorus. I paid $9.99 here in upstate NY. It comes in the following sizes.






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20 Responses to “Alec Bradley Black Market”

  1. Mike Great review buddy, love your honesty, I died when you said its just another cigar. I have heard good things about this stick I will search it out the prices here seem to be a little cheaper then your butt rapeing taxes up there. Hope all is well

    • Corey thanks. To me it was just ok didn’t float my boat for 9.99. I would rather enjoy a La Traviata Maduro and pay 6.50 in NY.

  2. I actually thought this stick was worse than you did. I don’t understand the positive reviews out there, but it’s all subjective.

  3. Thanks for reviewing it, Mike. It’s a shame you didn’t really enjoy it that much, I personally liked it. I’m not going to go as far as saying it tops the Tempus, but it works for me. Definitely not a “wow” cigar by any means.

  4. I smoked a couple of the Black Markets back in October and I recall the flavor making somewhat of an impression. It was several months ago so I don’t remember exactly what. (I really need to start taking notes). Anyway, I actually purchased a couple more of these sticks earlier this week and I’m looking forward to refreshing my memory or maybe coming to a different conclusion. Thanks for the review.

    • John thanks brother. Like I said for 9.99 I expected more really no complexity or any big changes just ok I thought. Hope all is well my friend.

  5. Hey, you must be bigger than I figured. Looks more like a corona gorda in your hands. :) I appreciate your take on this, since everyone else seems to be enamored of this cigar. I’ll pick one up if I see it, but I won’t be going out of my way to get one.

    • Jjo come in man I’m larger then life The Great Gordo 6×60 lol. Just messin brother. I’m going to give this stick a try in different size but the one I reviewed just wasn’t there.

  6. I picked up a few of these back when they first hit the shelves. I was really disappointed with the first one I smoked, so I let the others sit for a couple months. When I started reading all the positive reviews I decided to revisit them. I guess the extra rest really helped (or I’m easily influenced by reviews ;-), because they were much better than I remembered. They still don’t beat the Tempus or Family Blend, but I think they’re a pretty solid smoke.

  7. With all the reviews out there saying this is a great smoke, it is good to see another point of view. I’ll still give these a try when I come across them. Like you said it’s all subjective, but I at least won’t expect something that is the caliber of the Tempus.

    For the rest of you, sometime soon Mike, Ed and I will be here doing a joint video review. Stay tuned, trying to nail down scheduling! Great Gordo 6 x 60 bitches!

    • Tom thanks brother. People need to understand all bloggers only tell u an opinion. Mine isn’t wrong nor right just mine. Give it a try brother. Look forward to doing a review with yourself and Ed been to damn long.

  8. Thanks for the honesty. All a matter of opinion but its nice to see someone have a different take once in a while. Keep up the good work and nice looking watch.

  9. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Mike. I have to start by saying I am not an AB fan to begin with. I tried several of these and agree with your review completely. Thank you for being honest once again!

  10. I think you may have to give the Robusto a try Mike. Granted that is the only size I’ve tried but I seem to get lost in the Gordo size. Just too much for me I guess. I might be a little biased in my review as I tend to flock towards that Nicaraguan “zing”! Keep it coming brother and btw I finally scored that V cutter we talked about. Love it!

    • Trav I will for sure give this cigar another try in a different size. Like I said that one just wasn’t there for me but not a bad smoke. Happy u finally got that cutter, let me know what u think.

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