Drew Estate “Feral” Flying Pig

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Viso

Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina

Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduran

Size: Figurado (60 ring gauge)

Pre Light

Today I bring you the new release from Drew Estate, the Feral Flying Pig. This deep brown wrapper with its little pig tail cap is a very good looking stick. The wrapper has a sweet earthy smell and feels well packed from head to foot. After snipping the pig tail off the draw is free and open with notes of cocoa and earth off the cold draw. I’m lighting this cigar with wooden matches which I’ve been doing a lot lately. I usually try not to light figurados or perfectos or whatever you want to call them with torch lighters because I always seem to burn the shit out of the cigar.

1st Third

As I light up this Feral Pig I am met with a slight pepper but it’s smooth and not harsh. I am also met with rich cocoa flavors along with wood and a hint of earthiness comes in every now and then. The ash is a nice shade of gray and holds on for well over an inch although it doesn’t look very tight.

2nd Third

Here in the second third I was picking up a creamy coffee flavor to go along with the wood, cocoa and earthiness. It did need to be re light but then again it is 15 degrees out and who knows what damage that’s doing haha. As I got to the end of the 2nd third I started to pick up a nut flavor but we will see if that sticks around in the final inch or so.

Final Third

The flavor profile stayed the same in the final few inches except with the pepper kicking back up a bit towards the end. Besides one or two relights I had no construction issues. The smoke off the cigar put off a nice room aroma and the smoke was thick and creamy, just seaming to sit in front of your face.


Being a fan of the Drew Estate line (well except for the ACID line) I went into this one with high hopes and they were definitely met. There were so many flavors to choose from, it was like a flavor bomb. Construction was good, flavors were good, only complaint is the price point being around $14-15 which is a little high but fuck it you only live once. Go out there and give em a try.

CLICK HERE! to see Jonathan Drew’s recent appears with Mike & Mike on the Stogie411 show. It’s a really good watch and very informative.

Keep em burnin’


11 Responses to “Drew Estate “Feral” Flying Pig”

  1. smokin joe Says:

    Lots good stuff coming out from him lately.

  2. Hey buddy, as you know I’m not very versed in the Liga Line can’t buy them locally and the price is a little out of my league right now with a new baby around the house. But I was lucky enough to try the Dirty Rat and I was blown away Loved it and it wasn’t to strong where I got a big nic. kick. How was the strength on this Pig. Great work stay warm buddy

  3. Like you said mate, “we only live once” not enough time to waste in just ok sticks. I will certainly try em!
    Nice review

  4. The 52 flying pig was one of my favorite cigars last year but it was a pain in the ass to find. I’m looking forward to trying this one too. Thanks Griffin.

  5. Sounds good. One that I have not tried. Yes, tough to find. Thanks.

  6. abraxas828282 Says:

    Enjoyed the review. I have not had one yet but I am a big LP fan. The T52 flying pig is the shit! Hard to find these in Maine but I will probably get some in NH. Keep up the great work bra!

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