Sassy Ash Cigar Accessories

Today I will be doing a review of a lighter that was made by a little lady who goes by the name of @43prettyinpink. Her lighters I will say will be different for every single costumer, thus said because she makes them custom to your liking. As you can see below she has created me a beautiful Dirty Rat lighter.

These lighters come in Zippo lighter containers. But every single cigar smoker knows zippos’ use lighter fluid which doesn’t smell or taste very good. So to fix this problem she got these little nifty butane inserts which take out any need for lighter fluid. The bad thing is it is a jet not a soft flame which may be a deal beaker for some of you soft flame lovers.

All and all this lighter works great and is definitely worth the investment. If any of you are looking for a new lighter for the everyday use or even just to add to the collection I would suggest looking into Sassy Ash Cigar Accesories. Not only do these lighters have their own unique look but It’s your own unique look. SACA will put any band ¬†you request on to your lighter, only down fall is that for the time being you have to provide the bands if they doesn’t have them. SACA can be found on Facebook, twitter, and Drapers in DC

Keep e’m burning – Go Hawks

5 Responses to “Sassy Ash Cigar Accessories”

  1. smokin joe Says:

    She’s truly talented. I have seen several of her pieces and they are works of functional art.

  2. I love the look of the lighter, and forget those soft flame fans, its jet or nothing.

    Peter G

  3. Very cool ligher, not sure about useing it to light cigars not a fan of the zippo taste but def. something to have around the house. great right up Buck

  4. The lighter is using a butane insert, so no zippo taste.

    Those inserts also come in soft flames.

  5. abraxas828282 Says:

    I have seen others like this on line. I put a La Sirena band on one of mine. Only took one band lol. I want one of her belt buckles!

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