El Tiante Habano Oscuro

Today I’m reviewing the El Tiante Habano Oscuro a cigar thta I was gifted by Mike from El Tiante. This cigar we are reviewing is the 6×50 Toro with a cost around $7.50. If you are a Red Sox fan then you know the man behind this smoke none other then the great Luis Tiant. (who in my opinion should be in the HOF). This cigar is made in the My Father factory by Don Pepin. So let’s take this journey and see how it goes.

ios users click here:http://blip.tv/file/get/Mikesstogies-ElTianteHabanoOscuro197.m4v

11 Responses to “El Tiante Habano Oscuro”

  1. Nice video Mike. Sounds like a stick I would enjoy after the midpoint. I will try to find it, cut in half and just smoke the second half… LOL

  2. I’m holding out for Oil Can Boyd’s line of cigars. ;-)

  3. Mike as always love the Review. I nearly died when you called your self the 6×60 hahah sounds like a good stick for the price. I would like to thank you for the Jonathan Papelbon give away you did last month… oh wait that was the Red Sox… hahah Its like taking candy from a town full of babies. Can’t wait for baseball season.

    • That’s me the great Gordo 6×60 lol. Hey u can have him he will blow saves for u too. Anyway thanks my friend for all the support we appreciate it.

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    I want to thank you very much for this review Mike. I have to admit, I really did not like the old Tiante at all! But from this review and from the Stoggie 411 interview, I will definitely give these new sticks a try. Thank you for all that you guys at Mikesstogies do every week!

  5. Thanks for the review for those out there looking more on El Tiante. You should rent or buy the dvd Documentary on Luis called the Lost Son of Havana. It’s about and his dad who another famous pitcher who played in the negro leagues and could have played in the big league if wasn’t for the color barrier then.
    Luis also goes back to Cuba to visit family still there. It’s kind of sad though.

  6. Great review, Mike. Damn, you make it sound too enticing to pass up, if I can ever find one here. Great job on the Stogie411 show as well, even if the video was nonexistent.

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