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Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 22, 2012 by smokinjoe65

Today I will be reviewing two petite Caronas’. Both good winter smokes for when you don’t have a lot of time due to the temps or your man cave doesn’t have any heat. (my apologies to the women smokers. I’m open to( diva cave?) suggestions). Both smokes take about 20 min. to finish.

THE FONSECA 1907 (440);
Packaging: Cedar Chest of 50.  Binder: Mexico Wrapper Type: Ecuador Connecticut Length: 4.50 Filler: Dominican Republic(2$ a piece) this cigar has strong hints spice and  cinnamon to it.The draws is  easy. with a good tobacco taste. The smoke is surprisingly voluminous.Medium in both flavor and bodied. Enough to keep things interesting in a short smoke.The wrapper is flawless and blemish free. This petite corona will not disappoint when;” you’re in the weather”. At a price point of @2.00$ a stick for a petite Carona; it is a little pricey.

FAMOUS: BUENOS: Size:4 x 42 Country of Origin:Nicaragua. filler; Nicaragua. wrapper: Maduro. Binder;???

These come in chests of 40 for 38.00$ a box and are a decent smoke for the winter.The wrapper is a rustic and splotchy. I have been told that these are made in Nestor placencia’s factory for famous. There are  hints of spice and pepper,and that sweet maduro taste and while rustic in appearance it smokes well and is,surprisingly, a 30 min smoke or so. I found that several of the cigars I smoked had voids in them. But at this price point (.95 cents a stick) who’s crying. They were all smokable  and the  flavor being a full-bodied with medium flavors. Flavor wise It’s  anything but a  bargain brand.

THE WRAPP UP: Both of these smokes are worth a try,especially if your stuck outdoors or in an unheated garage(yes I have a heater in my garage).recently abraxxis, a follower of mine on twitter, stated “I’m freezing my nuts off on the porch smoking”.This as I was writing this review. So I hope these choices will help fill a niche when you want a smoke without sacrificing fingers… However I have also wanted a smoke while out and in the communist state of New Jersey your ass is going outside of the bar/restaurant. On the up side  if you’re freezing you won’t break the bank if you have to ditch one of these.I have just  seen(as I of writting this) the Fonseca on sale for 65.00$ a box, and this makes it an attractive alternative.  all the best-smokinjoe


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