Gurhka Seduction and Giveaway

Back around Christmas time I was gifted a very generous package from the fine folks at Gurhka and I figured if they were kind enough to send me these smoke I should at the very least give them my honest thoughts regarding their cigar. So today I’m reviewing the Gurhka Seduction. This cigar is a medium body smoke and has an Ecuadorian  Habano wrapper with a Dominican,Olor binder and Corojo, Columbian filler. This comes in 4 different sizes in box of 20. So let’s see my thoughts on the Gurhka Seduction.

Congrats to James M. on winning the giveaway. Please email me at with your address and I will get this out to you.

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28 Responses to “Gurhka Seduction and Giveaway”

  1. Great video review. Haven’t had a chance to catch too many lately. Audio system on PC was on the fritz. I haven’t had the joy of too many Gurkha’s but I have had the Empire Series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, some more than others though. But, I think all 6 should be tried at least once.

  2. Nice review, Mike. I’ve only had a few Gurkhas, and the one that stood out was the Evil. Sounds like this one might be a nice start to the day.

  3. I have a few Gurkha’s in my humi’s, but for no reason I haven’t lit one up yet. I do like chocolate flavors coming out of a cigar, so the Seduction sounds pretty good!

  4. Nice work as always Mike. Never tried one before.

  5. Hey Mike,

    Great review and i have only had a few Gurkha’s my 1st was the European Selection which was god awful, no taste, and it just bored me to tears, but this one included in the pic is one that blew my socks off, I am sorry I don’t know the name of it. i t was gifted to me and the person didn’t include a list or anything, but here it is:

    Thanks for the contest and keep smoking!

  6. It’s been so long since I’ve had a Gurkha, I don’t even remember what it was. My New Years Resolution is to have an open mind toward their (& other mega brands’) new releases. I even picked up a Gurkha Evil & Ninja yesterday.

  7. Mike, love the Gurkha Series 6, and enjoy the Evil also.

  8. Very entertaining review. Great song for the open. I’ll be honest, I’m a fairly new cigar smoker and I’m trying everything under the sun. I’d love to win the giveaway.

    I do hope this is a medium to light cigar. I haven’t built the tolerance for very full-bodied cigars yet. I recently purchased a Tatuaje Avion and it kicked my ass. I had to put it down and get back to it 3 times to make sure it didn’t go to waste.

  9. nice review mike as always, never had a gurkka!!!

  10. Thanks for the review…I’ve never had Gurkha before.

  11. Yo buddy great review, as always its great to start off my Friday with your ugly mug!!! haha I have a couple you sent me and then One or two laying around in the bottom of the Humi looks like it might be time to fire one of these bad boys up. Keep up the great work

  12. mike zampini Says:

    nice review Mike, i’ve smoked these before and i think they taste like shit. i usually smoke them
    on a Saturday morning with a Starbuck coffee.
    Also at $20.00 per stick here in good old Toronto they are way to expensive for what you get.

  13. Nice review, may get me to try other Gurkha’s. So far the on Gurkha I have tried is the Nautilus. It was a nice smoke, but very lackluster in the flavor department. I am a found of mocha-chocolate flavor mix like the Seduction. I may have to give one a try

  14. I personally enjoy Gurkha, but have never had a chance to try a Seduction. My favorite so far is the Black Dragon, but a very close second is the Assasin. The local Cigar Shop tends to carry a large variety of Gurkhas, and one day I plan on trying them all.

  15. abraxas828282 Says:

    Hey Mike. I know you smoked this at your Christmas herf and were happy with it then. It sounds like a good stick but you know how I feel about Gurkha’s so please do not enter me in the contest. I would much rather someone else win these anyways! I will bee back in NY first week of Feb. might be able to stop by but not sure yet. Talk to you soon.

  16. Thank for the review mike has far has Gurkha goes I’ve only had a few. and they always been an Uh cigar. Non plus okay type of thing. Nothing to run out and get.

    • Thanks so far to all of you who have left comments both positive and negative. Like I said I personally don’t smoke lots of Gurhka but this one was good for me. Keep the comments coming and I appreciate everyone’s honest opinion. Enjoy your smokes

  17. My fav by far is the ancient warrior…great stick, but not easy to find…gurkha has a real poor marketing scheme…they want to price them like super premiums and they aren’t. If they just brought there pricing down to a standard price range I think they would get more attention

  18. Good review Mike, have not smoked a Gurkha, if it’s mild like you say, I should like it. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us, always nice to receive a cigar once in a while.

  19. Good job Sir, would really like to give one a try.
    Great site you have here.

  20. Good review. I will have to give this one a try. I’ve tried the assassin, evil, red dragon, vintage shaggy, and a couple of the migro batch lines. My favorite would have to be the evil. Maybe after trying this one I will have a new Gurkha favoriite. Keep the reviews coming and all the good work you do.

  21. Richard C. Says:

    No more Gurkhas for me…ever. I have tried quite a few with the same results. I just do not like them but i guess different folks, different strokes right. Keep the reviews coming Mike.

  22. I,ve had a few Gurkhas, the one that stands out the most has the be the black dragon. The seduction sounds like a good stick though.

  23. Nice review, sounds like a tasty cigar, will have to look into getting one to smoke next time we pull into port.

  24. When I first started smoking cigars I had Gurkhas more often because they were a big-name brand that I could afford. There were even several that I really enjoyed and went out of my way to look for – like the shaggy (there was a certain perfecto that was my favorite for two years). But now, … meh. That said, I like the flavor profiles you described, so I might have to give this one a try!

  25. run n late Says:

    Yes I have tried Gurkhas and I like the Park Ave. its a very light cigar good for the first one in the morning.

  26. I have smoked several of these, and 1 other Gurkha (grand reserve). I liked this much more, and it is half the price. Great smoke and great review!

  27. Got a Crest and a titan from CI for free with a order I placed. Smoked the crest and thought it was ok. The Crest was medium to full bodied for me, loose draw with hints of coffee, tobacco, pepper through the sinus and earthyness. Wrapper and foot smelled of sweet tobacco. That was almost a year ago and the titan is still in the bottom of the cooler somewhere, I should fire it up to make room for something else. Keep up the good work Mike, I allways look forward to a new post on stogie411.

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