La Flor Dominicana Mysterio

Wrapper: Natural Habano

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: 7×54 Perfecto

Pre Light

As the Super Bowl is coming up next week I decided it was time to smoke some of the cigars I won from Mike from over at Stogie Review from last year’s game.  These LFD’s are some amazing looking cigars. The wrapper is oily and seamless. The pig tail caps on all five I smoked are flawless. With the length of these perfectos they look like miniature submarines. The smell on the cold cigar is of manure and pepper and after the clipping of cap the flavors on the cold draw is pepper and wood.

1st Third

After lighting up the thin foot I am hit with a blast of pepper along with coffee and a slight wood in the background. The draw is pretty easy right from the start which I thought was going to be a little tight at the beginning due to the perfecto shape. The ash is a medium grey and holds on for well over an inch.

2nd Third

The pepper has died down as I move into the middle portion of the cigar but as that happens it is replaced with a nut.  The nut flavor is a nice compliment to the coffee and wood flavors that are still around. There is plenty of heavy smoke and the oil around the burn is nice.

Final Third

As the cigar is getting skinny again it is time to ditch it but I’m said to see it go. The flavors were the same up to the end. Burn stayed even and didn’t need any relights or touch ups.


I’m glad that the Steelers lost last year and I won these. They were flavorful and complex. The balance of flavor and power were complimentary and was a nice change of pace. The cigars have a little higher price tag then I’m usually comfortable at around $16 a stick but hey I didn’t pay for them haha.

Keep em burnin’


8 Responses to “La Flor Dominicana Mysterio”

  1. Hey Griff, great reivew that stick looks sick man. Was it a power house? I like LFD stuff but I tend to shy away cause they are normally a little to strong for me. Wrapper looked amazing

  2. nice, im gonna have to get my hands on these!

  3. Nice review and a great looking stick. My only question is what the hell was Mike doing with a strong $16 cigar? Lucky you didn’t get two bundles of Devil’s Weed instead. Oh, I guess you would have got them if you had LOST your bet. ;)

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    Nice review Griff. Love the look of this cigar and LFD’s are fantastic! I will def get me some of these!

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