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Cigar Boss App

Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 1, 2012 by youngbuckbotl

Today I am going to do a rare review, an app review. The name of the app is Cigar Boss and let me say this app is pretty darn cool. It has probably one of the biggest cigar databases any cigar app has to this day. With detailed information, maps that show where shops are in comparison to you, and a pretty cool RSS feed that has most of the top sites in it. MikesStogies isn’t up there yet but I yelled at the owner, he said he was sorry promised it wouldn’t happen again and then washed my feet, let me just say I felt pretty royal. lol just kidding none of that happened but in V 3.o they will have our site up so you wont miss anything. Also at the end of Feb they hope to have a version for all of you Android losers :)

Locations, now with the locations in this app it opens a map just like the “maps” app you have on your iphone and shows you where all the B&Ms are near you. Now with V 3.0 I’m hoping they add more shops to the Chicago area because the shop I work at now isn’t even on here, but its sister store is so their are some inconsistencies just like most things but with the new version coming out I think it will be even better.
Humidor, now the humidor segment in this app is top notch it almost has every cigar and brand you could possibly think of even limited editions that most cigar apps leave out. (Some of the ones they have left out are Emilio cigars, 262 cigars) I digress, but another thing you can do is put the amount of cigars you have in too which I thought was pretty cool. They also have pretty detailed info on each cigar they have in their inventory which I really liked.
RSS, Now the RSS feed like I said before has some of the better sites out there today. Its a nice way to keep all the RSS feeds in one place instead of having to have a separate app for your cigars and RSS feed.
Over all I would say this app is one of the bests out there today for cigars apps. It has everything you could need a humidor section, RSS fees (Which most cigar apps don’t have) and maps that show most of the B&Ms in your neck of the woods. Now like all things this app has room for improvement but I will say for only being on its 2nd version it’s doing pretty damn good and I believe V 3.0 will be even better. BUT what would a review be with out free shit!! Here are three free pass codes for the add free version! Now one more thing I will do for those of you that read this a few days after it has posted, I will do this. I will randomly pick one person who leaves a comment on this review and give them a free pass code as well! Now get commenting!

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