A. Fuente Anejo aka The Shark 77

Today thanks to Tad we are reviewing the A. Fuente Anejo Shark 77. Daryl decided to hang today and join me in this review. The Shark has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with a Dominican filler and binder. This cigar is an expensive one and usual comes out around fathers day and christmas. The size is 5.87×50 with a price tag up to $423.99 box of 20.

Let’s see what we think.

iOS users click here:http://blip.tv/file/get/Mikesstogies-AFuenteAnejoTheSharkNo77153.m4v

11 Responses to “A. Fuente Anejo aka The Shark 77”

  1. Cigarlifter Says:

    I think I recognize that ugly bald dude. Is that my other brother Daryl?
    Thanks again Mike for the opportunity to do a joint review with you. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next opportunity.

  2. Cigarlifter Says:

    Yeah Daryl you are right. It was your other brother. You have to go out and try this stick. It is in a class all by itself and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Till next time…

  3. Hi Mike and Daryl, good review, you both really look good smoking those cigars, you both seem to also enjoy them, a lot to much for my pocket, so I’ll watch the review again, so I can enjoy it.

  4. nice review! good to see you back daryl, next time put a hat on!!!

  5. Loved the review, I actually am lucky enough to have one of these bad boys sitting in my humi with 5 years of age on it. I’m going to have to fire this guy up one day soon, I can’t wait to give it a try.

  6. DavefromPhilly Says:

    These are great smokes. Nice to age too. Get that at a B&M and you’ll pay the MSRP. (about 14 bucks)

    I’ve never paid more than 15 bucks for a shark.

  7. I love your reviews, but I gotta help out with the pronunciation of Anejo…Phonetically it would be something like “A-n-yay-ho”. It took me 7 years of living in Miami after growing up in Boston, then 10 years in Denver, before moving here.

  8. abraxas828282 Says:

    I am sorry for taking so long to comment. My new Fire and my cell don’t support the video. I am happy you guys liked this stick and I am happy to have gifted these sticks to you both. Thank you for letting me spend time with you all. Can’t wait to meet up again in the future!

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