Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican/Nicaragua

SIZE; 5×50

PRE LIGHT; the parejo shaped robusto sized Excelsior has a smooth habano wrapper that is flawless and milk chocolate in color.There is a good heft to this cigar and the entubar rolling metheod is evident at the foot.I recieved this cigar from one of our advertisers,EAST COAST CIGARS, who recently began to stock this brand.

FIRST HALF;on lighting the foot there is a pleasant medium flavor of spice and sweet tobacco. about an Inch into this smoke I noticed a slight ramping up of flavors with an introduction of  pepper and toast.This ramping up of flavor continued into the second half.  over all this smoke was creamy with plumes of smoke. the ash was tight and clinged to the half way mark.

SECOND HALF;This vitola began a steady increase in flavor,the spice giving way to pepper and strong but sweet tobacco flavor.During this second half, the flavors played about from full to medium in flavor; while retaining a medium body through out.I  really enjoyed this smoke.The construction and draw were flawless.

THE WRAPP UP: The CREMO line of cigars have just recently began to roll out nationwide. I think this blend would be perfect with a double espresso Or strong robust flavored coffee due to its creamy flavor and notes of spice and pepper. At this time local distribution is on going.However East Coast cigars has them in stock w free shipping. (their link is to right). I like to mix up my cigars in both flavor and bodie.(who eats same thing every day and every meal) And this blend fits the bill nicely. More info on the line can be found here  I think this blend knocks it out of park.-ALL THE BEST SMOKINJOE


  1. Thanks for the review, Joe. Looks like I’ll have to order a few of these. Have you had a chance to compare the different vitolas?

    • smokin joe Says:

      Yes I have smoke the whole line. The flavor profile and constriction are all spot on. I know that east coast has 3,5, and box options to purchase. These are very flavor full smokes .

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review. If I just saw these on the shelf, I would pass them by, but with the aid of your Revue, I will definitely pick some of these up! Thanx again.

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