El Rico Habano

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: Corona Gorda 5×40

Pre Light

The El Rico Habano (the original version) was blended by Ernesto Perez Carrillo Sr. and was originally blended in 1970. They stopped production in 1994 due to a tobacco shortage but were relaunched by his son EP Carrillo Jr. in 2001. The ones I am smoking for this review are from the pre 1994 run but I’m not exactly sure what year. It is a full bodied stick with a light caramel colored wrapper that has a sweet barnyard aroma. The wrapper is aged and rustic looking with minimal veins. After snipping the cap the draw is free and has an earthy and slight pepper flavor to it.

1st Third

After lighting up the El Rico I am quickly hit with some pepper but it fades just as fast as it appeared. I am then met with a rich cocoa flavor to go along with the slight pepper that still hanging around. The burn is pretty even and the ash is a dark grey and seems to be holding on strong.

2nd Third

And I am back! The middle portion of this cigar is around the same as the first with the slight pepper and cocoa but I was pleasantly met with an underlying leather aftertaste. The burn has been excellent with tons of smoke coming off both ends of the cigar.

Final Third

I have reached the end of my cigar and I am not a happy man. Not because it was a bad experience but because I am regretting the not having another to smoke. The last inch or so the pepper kicked back up with a slight wood flavor coming and going at times. Didn’t have to relight or touch up the cigar once even though it was slightly windy out.


I really enjoyed this cigar even though it wasn’t overly complex the flavors were still there. I am interested in trying the new run to see how they measure up to the old ones. Anyone who has tried them please let me know how your experience was.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday and stayed safe.

Keep em burnin’


10 Responses to “El Rico Habano”

  1. This was one of may favorite cigars in the ’90s, and one that proved that you could make a full bodied cigar in the DR. One of the cigars I miss dearly. There was a milder version made around 2000 that I went through a few bundles of which was a great cigar, but not really deserving of the ERH name. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a new ERH, and it was a maduro that was a very nice cigar, but nothing will replace the ERHs of old. The No.1 was awesome (a lancero), and I smoked a bunch of the Habano Clubs.

    • i’m a little too young to have smoked them way back then lol but i’m glad i still got a chance to enjoy them. thanks for leaving a comment and supporting the site. i was actually on your site for info on the next review.

  2. Great review Griff, this is one of those Cigars I have never heard of but thats not shocking at all. haha EPC make some great stuff Nice to see some long term age helped this stick

  3. It is always a shame when you can’t find a great cigar anymore. I’ve almost smoked the last of one of my favorites at a local shop and it was a limited run from a boutique line so I’ll have to search a little to find more.

    Peter G

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Gruff. Like Daryl, I used to enjoy these from time to time back in the day. I have not tried the new blend either and would be very interested to. Once again, thanx for the review.

  5. Never got to try the original since they were advertised as full power and I wasn’t really into that back then. Now that I’ve read your review, I’ll have to give the new line a try.

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