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Tortuga 1950 (Natural Aged Maduro)

Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 13, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Mexican

Binder: Panamanian Jungle

Filler: Honduran

Size: Torpedo

Pre Light

This cigar was almost impossible to get any information on. I’m hoping the information on the makeup I have up at the top of the page is correct. The wrapper is a deep chestnut color and has a nice sheen to it. I can barely tell where the seams of the wrapper are and it has and earthy manure aroma. After snipping the cap I take a few drags of the cold cigar and get a taste sweet earthy flavor.

First Third

The first few inches of the cigar gave me a slight pepper sensation on the first few drags but quickly passed. The rest of it brought me a sweetness and with notes of earth and leather. The burn stayed cool and the ash held on strong.

Second Third

Reaching the down to the final couple inches the second third hit me with the same sweetness and earthy tones met with a rich coffee flavor. I can’t believe the burn has stayed so even and burned so cool on this windy day.

Final Third

I’m sad to see the cigar go but it has come to an end. The final inches gave me that coffee flavor along with the sweet earthiness. No construction problems and good flavors.


I was very surprised by this cigar. I have never seen them in any stores locally and haven’t heard much about them. I was won this cigar from Tad on twitter from a football bet and I am very happy he chose to send me this particular cigar. The flavors were rich and thick with great construction. I have no idea about the price range on the cigar but I definitely want to get some more of these and try some of the others in the Tortuga line.

Keep em burnin’



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