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Tatuaje Verocu Tubos – First Impression

Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 14, 2012 by youngbuckbotl

Ok so this is a first impression of the Tatuaje Verocu Tubos, this cigar has been sitting in the humidor for a little over 2 years so it has some pretty good age to it so lets see how this baby smokes.

Size - 6 x 52

Wrapper –  Nicaraguan

Binder –  Nicaraguan

Filler –  Nicaraguan

Price - $14.95

Pre-light: For the pre-light I got notes of  cedar off the foot and a little coco with the pre-light draw.

1st half: First few puffs had a little spice like most of pete’s stuff, now just after that we seam to hit this leathery and coffee combination. Now this stays continues through out the rest of the first half with a slight detectable spice which you can only get through the retrohale.

2nd half: Now with this second half we seam to be getting a little tricky with the blending because as I finished up this stick I got coco, coffee, more leather and spice.

Overall: I enjoyed this complex cigar, now I wouldn’t make this a go-to cigar, one for its rareness and two its price. For $15 I would much rather smoke some of pete’s other cigars. Not to say this cigar was bad I would just rather smoke something else for the price. Thanks again for reading this review I truly appreciate the comments and all support. God bless and hope you all had great Valentines Day.


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