Humidor Review & Giveaway

Today thanks to the people over at I am reviewing one of their humidors and also I’m feeling generous so let’s give it away as well. This humidor is called The Sovereign and its made with spanish cedar interior and comes with a hydrometer,humidification and a beautiful two tone finish. So let’s get my opinion on this humidor and ashtray giveaway.

Congrats to Big Mike for winning the humidor/ashtray giveaway. Please email me at with your address and I will get this out.

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23 Responses to “Humidor Review & Giveaway”

  1. Nice looking humidor… I need another one!

  2. Enjoyed this review. It was a nice break from your routine. It is a nice looking humidor and I agree with the importance of locking hinges. Too bad about the ashtray. It would be better if the silver “bowl” was removable for cleaning. Not surprised about one of the cigar holders coming unglued. It happens. I bought a humidor a long time ago and had to re glue the pegs inside which held the shelves. I hope I am lucky enough to win this because I got a lot of cigars on order and no place to put them. As an alternative though I am hoping your walk in humidor is ready soon…maybe I can rent a shelf?

  3. I hate the green sponge. Im a fan of the dark red woods. Thanks for the review and giveaway. Leo_botl

  4. Rich Croce Says:

    Nice review Mike, thanks for pointing out the ashtray problem…not a hard workaround though…looks like a really nice humidor…

  5. That is one fine looking humidor. Excellent review. Thanks for pointing some stuff out I didn’t know about humidors.

  6. Honest insight about the hygrometer and that nasty green foam. It took me a year or so to learn about why I was having problems with my gars. Also having a nice tight fit when it closes is also important. I have been to the 1st Class Cigar Humidor site and they have a great selection of Humidors at any price point that might fit the budget. And they have that warranty just like XIkar does, a Lifetime Warranty.

    Prayers are with the Gary Carter family today, as the HOF Catcher died at 57. 1986-Game 6 @ Shea, and the Red Sox leading in the 10th, Carter kept the inning alive with a single that day. We know the rest of that story.

    He always had that smile and loved the game of baseball. May the ‘Kid’ RIP!

  7. This Humi. would be so much nicer than my Tupperware. Fingers crossed.

  8. Hey buddy love the product review, and it paired well with my coffee this morning. haha I bust Mikes ass all the time about product review, and smoke eaters but its a nice change of pace from the norm, great job. Oh and by the way this Saturday Pitchers and Catchers report I think a season long bet might be needed!!!

  9. Nice review! I too am not a fan of the green florist foam — replacing it in my humi with beads.

  10. nice review nice looking humidor and awesome site for being this generous good luck to all..

  11. Hi Mike, good review on the humi, that is a nice looking box. Thanks for not keeping it and giving it away as a gift.

  12. Man giving away the humi, very nice. The green foam, definitely nasty stuff. Thanks for the honest review.

    On a side note, in honor of spring training nearing, its going to be a chicken and beer weekend!

  13. Comment… Thanks for the review Mike.

  14. Nice humidor and review. I could always use another one, so I can have one less Tupperdore sitting around. ;) Accessory reviews are always appreciated.

  15. Great review mike…too kind with the giveaways….humidors are very time consuming at times if u have a bad one…this one looks simple but well made

  16. Keep the great reviews coming. Look forward to each one and I could always use another humidor.

  17. Mike:

    Good to see you fully recovered. Nice humi, could use another!


  18. Humidor is nice, but the company you got it from is a bunch of crooks.

  19. Thanks for the review and contest. Could use a humidor. Only have a couple tuperdor set ups.

  20. stevenlakeland Says:

    As allways great honest review! It just so happens that need xtra room these days, too many great sticks out there…i just cant stop buying them.

  21. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review Mike. Always love your honesty and willingness to give. Please do not put me in for the giveaway. I would love to see it go to one of your other followers.

  22. Great review. Mine leaks I could really use this :)

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