•Attila the Hun – A classic 6 x 60
Ecuadorian Habano leaf wrapper
aged Dominican long filler
price:9;00 $

PRE LIGHT; The habano wrapper is  rustic and lightly splotchy but has an oily sheen.(never judge a book by the cover right?) this boutique blend is well packed and firm along the lenght.I decided to use a shuriken cutter to light this thick ring gauge cigar.(more on the cutter later).

FRIST THIRD; after ignition of the foot I was greeted with a blast of red pepper  and cedar. the light and draw was easy.There were notes of smoked almonds that was pervasive but over shadowed by the red pepper . While the flavor was full at this point the bodie was still medium.

SECOND THIRD; The red pepper tapered off and was now medium in flavor on my palette. with notes  sweet cedar ramping up.the ash was a bit flakey and grey/white in color,however the ash held prety firm. The draw was very good and the smoke while full was otherwise unremarkble.

LAST THIRD; The flavor profile remained that of red  pepper flake and sweet cedar . The bodie stayed medium and the ash flaked off at the halfway point. I had no problems with burn or draw. some times the burn on a 6×60 can be troublesome,but this vitola was well constructed and  I enjoyed a full hour of this blend.

THE FINISH; I’m not a huge fan of the 6×60 size.However the atilla the hun was a well constructed and flavorful cigar. I was gifted this cigar by a fellow lawdog along with a sampler of their full line. I had been un awear of this  line of cigars and I thank and applaud Chris for his gift and his choice of cigars. It’s seldom that you will see me say “you need to smoke this”. Well I am. Not only this size but all of the line is superb! these are in my book a real sleeper brand and blends. the web site is here  I can’t say wich size and blend I like more. go get a full sampler and enjoy the “candy store” of flavors. The shuriken cutter IMO is a must have for anything over a 52 ring gauge.I just can’t get the right smoking profile with a punch or cutter on these large ring gauges. My only complaint is after 7 months one of six blades fell out. But at under 15$ for it I can live with that. ALL THE BEST-SMOKINJOE


  1. I find it odd that the large cigar companies don’t seem to be putting out as good a product as the small boutiques. 2/3 of the cigars in my humidor are boutique plans and I wouldn’t have it any other way

    • Blends* not plans.

    • smokinjoe65 Says:

      hahha. l gotcha. believe me i miss some typo’s too! You have to remember that the larger companies are trying new blends. However the largest selling cigar has a medium profile/medium flavor. It is as all products market and consumer driven. I will tell you that the majority of cigar smokers are the macanudo,punch,partagas,etc smokers. It’s easy to forget that die hard enthusiasts,while a market force to be reckoned with,are still the minority.I know i have to remind myself of this all the time….. :)

  2. Nice review, although I must say you blew through that 6×60 in an hour! Damn dude thats fast. Never heard of this brand looks like you found a good one.

  3. smokinjoe65 Says:

    Thanks czerbe I appreciate your opnion of my review. I should have said a “good hour”. loll like a country mile…… ;)

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    Really enjoyed your review once again! I have not heard of this cigar before! Sounds very interesting. Thanx for you reviews and keep up the great work.

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