New Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge

This cigar was fantastic, I loved it from the very beginning. It has an extremely oily Nicaraguan wrapper on it with a twisted foot to it and a triple cap. This cigar is great for any time especially dog walks, times when you’re short on time, and hell just any time at all.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Long Leaf

Filler: Mystery

Binder: Mystery

Size: (3.5×54)

Price: $6.50

 Now with this cigar being so small I am just going to sum it up in one whole hearty paragraph and hope it sticks.

Through out the whole cigar I got this extremely creamy smoke. At times it even gave off to much smoke but all it was just right. Now the mystery filler and binder on this cigar mixed with the amazing Nicaraguan wrapper it gave off a very rich coco and spicy pepper taste and a little buttery taste as well with a completely different pepper through the retrohale. The closest comparison I can make to this cigar is the My Father 1922 but just with out as much spice. But as I smoked this cigar I couldn’t really taste a change. It for the most part stayed the same from the time you lit it to the time it finally burnt out and I didn’t have it in me to light it again after it burnt out on me for the 3rd time. But while we are on the lighting subject I will say if you do not keep puffing on it like I didn’t do while at work you will have to relight continuously because even for a very short period of time this baby will go out if you do not puff on it. I would say this baby is totally box worthy and I may even buy two just because it is so damn good.

Have a good week all and god bless. Keep them burning

4 Responses to “New Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge”

  1. Sounds awesome. Someone needs to buy me a box of these. It would look awesome in my humidor.

  2. Buck great review looks like a cool stick, how was the strength of it? Can’t find Viajes in my neck of the woods. Time for another Video Review soon I miss laughing at your ass hahaha

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Nice! I will have to check these out! Have not been overly impressed by Viands I have smoked so far. Not so much due to the flavors, which I enjoy, but for the price point there are better cigars at better prices and availability. Dude! Do another damn video already!

  4. Sounds really good. The My Father Le Bijou 1922 is one of my favorite stciks so this sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.

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