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Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 19, 2012 by smokinjoe65

•Attila the Hun – A classic 6 x 60
Ecuadorian Habano leaf wrapper
aged Dominican long filler
price:9;00 $

PRE LIGHT; The habano wrapper is  rustic and lightly splotchy but has an oily sheen.(never judge a book by the cover right?) this boutique blend is well packed and firm along the lenght.I decided to use a shuriken cutter to light this thick ring gauge cigar.(more on the cutter later).

FRIST THIRD; after ignition of the foot I was greeted with a blast of red pepper  and cedar. the light and draw was easy.There were notes of smoked almonds that was pervasive but over shadowed by the red pepper . While the flavor was full at this point the bodie was still medium.

SECOND THIRD; The red pepper tapered off and was now medium in flavor on my palette. with notes  sweet cedar ramping up.the ash was a bit flakey and grey/white in color,however the ash held prety firm. The draw was very good and the smoke while full was otherwise unremarkble.

LAST THIRD; The flavor profile remained that of red  pepper flake and sweet cedar . The bodie stayed medium and the ash flaked off at the halfway point. I had no problems with burn or draw. some times the burn on a 6×60 can be troublesome,but this vitola was well constructed and  I enjoyed a full hour of this blend.

THE FINISH; I’m not a huge fan of the 6×60 size.However the atilla the hun was a well constructed and flavorful cigar. I was gifted this cigar by a fellow lawdog along with a sampler of their full line. I had been un awear of this  line of cigars and I thank and applaud Chris for his gift and his choice of cigars. It’s seldom that you will see me say “you need to smoke this”. Well I am. Not only this size but all of the line is superb! these are in my book a real sleeper brand and blends. the web site is here  I can’t say wich size and blend I like more. go get a full sampler and enjoy the “candy store” of flavors. The shuriken cutter IMO is a must have for anything over a 52 ring gauge.I just can’t get the right smoking profile with a punch or cutter on these large ring gauges. My only complaint is after 7 months one of six blades fell out. But at under 15$ for it I can live with that. ALL THE BEST-SMOKINJOE

Humidor Review & Giveaway

Posted in Giveaway/Contest, Video Reviews on February 17, 2012 by MIKE

Today thanks to the people over at I am reviewing one of their humidors and also I’m feeling generous so let’s give it away as well. This humidor is called The Sovereign and its made with spanish cedar interior and comes with a hydrometer,humidification and a beautiful two tone finish. So let’s get my opinion on this humidor and ashtray giveaway.

Congrats to Big Mike for winning the humidor/ashtray giveaway. Please email me at with your address and I will get this out.

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Tatuaje Verocu Tubos – First Impression

Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 14, 2012 by youngbuckbotl

Ok so this is a first impression of the Tatuaje Verocu Tubos, this cigar has been sitting in the humidor for a little over 2 years so it has some pretty good age to it so lets see how this baby smokes.

Size - 6 x 52

Wrapper –  Nicaraguan

Binder –  Nicaraguan

Filler –  Nicaraguan

Price - $14.95

Pre-light: For the pre-light I got notes of  cedar off the foot and a little coco with the pre-light draw.

1st half: First few puffs had a little spice like most of pete’s stuff, now just after that we seam to hit this leathery and coffee combination. Now this stays continues through out the rest of the first half with a slight detectable spice which you can only get through the retrohale.

2nd half: Now with this second half we seam to be getting a little tricky with the blending because as I finished up this stick I got coco, coffee, more leather and spice.

Overall: I enjoyed this complex cigar, now I wouldn’t make this a go-to cigar, one for its rareness and two its price. For $15 I would much rather smoke some of pete’s other cigars. Not to say this cigar was bad I would just rather smoke something else for the price. Thanks again for reading this review I truly appreciate the comments and all support. God bless and hope you all had great Valentines Day.

Tortuga 1950 (Natural Aged Maduro)

Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 13, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Mexican

Binder: Panamanian Jungle

Filler: Honduran

Size: Torpedo

Pre Light

This cigar was almost impossible to get any information on. I’m hoping the information on the makeup I have up at the top of the page is correct. The wrapper is a deep chestnut color and has a nice sheen to it. I can barely tell where the seams of the wrapper are and it has and earthy manure aroma. After snipping the cap I take a few drags of the cold cigar and get a taste sweet earthy flavor.

First Third

The first few inches of the cigar gave me a slight pepper sensation on the first few drags but quickly passed. The rest of it brought me a sweetness and with notes of earth and leather. The burn stayed cool and the ash held on strong.

Second Third

Reaching the down to the final couple inches the second third hit me with the same sweetness and earthy tones met with a rich coffee flavor. I can’t believe the burn has stayed so even and burned so cool on this windy day.

Final Third

I’m sad to see the cigar go but it has come to an end. The final inches gave me that coffee flavor along with the sweet earthiness. No construction problems and good flavors.


I was very surprised by this cigar. I have never seen them in any stores locally and haven’t heard much about them. I was won this cigar from Tad on twitter from a football bet and I am very happy he chose to send me this particular cigar. The flavors were rich and thick with great construction. I have no idea about the price range on the cigar but I definitely want to get some more of these and try some of the others in the Tortuga line.

Keep em burnin’



Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 12, 2012 by smokinjoe65

PRE LIGHT; The habano sun grown Ecuadorian  wrapper has a rustic look and an oily sheen. The vitola is well packed and firm to the touch. there’s an aroma of cedar emanating from this toro.This edition is the much-anticipated follow-up to the 1991 ESV. It didn’t disappoint.

FIRST THIRD; I was greeted with a strong sweet cedar burst.With this came  notes of spice flavor and leather.this smoke had a lot going on during the first third of this stick.The aging and melding of the filler was evident as the flavors popped on my palate.

SECOND THIRD; Through out this smoke the draw was easy and full.Plumes of grey/white smoke wafted into the air and lingered thick and sweet.the flavors gave way to a creamy spice and rich cedar. A nutty hint would surface from time to time.The ash was thick,tight,and banded.

LAST THIRD; The bodie of this vitola,wich had begun to build in the second half,continued to climb.The nutty hints continued and the sweet taste of cedar reappeared dancing on my tongue. the long finish was of black tobacco and cedar.

THE FINISH; it’s seldom that a Perdomo cigar will disapoint.This new ESV selection has lived up to its 1991 predecessor(IMO).One of the neat things about this blend is being able to purchase samplers with two of the same size and wrapper.It’s likely I may do another with a different wrapper to see the difference in taste,but I  suggest you give it a try too. After all part of the enjoyment of cigars is experimenting.Nick lets you do this and in turn showcase tabclarea perdomo. This sungrown toro is going into my rotation. you can find out more about this cigar here  I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I do writing it and reviewing it.ALL THE BEST. SMOKINJOE.


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