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Ortega Serie D No.8

Posted in Video Reviews on March 30, 2012 by MIKE

The Great Gordo 6×60 has the new Eddie Ortega Serie D No.8 for your viewing pleasure today. This cigar has a Mexican Maduro wrapper with a filler and binder from Nicaragua. The price point on the number 8 is $6.00 per stick. It’s a medium to full body smoke so let’s see what I think and also thanks to John G for the fine gift.

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Viaje Skull and Bones WMD

Posted in Cigar Reviews on March 27, 2012 by youngbuckbotl

So far with these Viaje sticks I am batting 1 for 1 if you follow me you will know what I am talking about but for those of you who don’t I will tell you. I liked the Viaje Shot Gun Shell and loved it, but wasn’t fond of the Stuffed Turkey. Now today will be the deciding point for me on whether I spend my money on Viaje cigars again or not. Now back to the stick.

Size: 3.75 x 54
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun-Grown
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $9.95 

I did this review in halves because of the short nature of this cigar. With my first few puffs I got an extreme hit of pepper, full pallet full. With an almost unbearable  retrohale because it was so strong. But once you got over the overwhelming amount of spice you began to pick up on hints of leather and dark chocolate. But those didn’t last long. After about a third of the way through the stick you lost the dark chocolate and just had leather and spice.

Now to the second half, If  you look carefully you can see I cut the head off and my foot is extremely toasted. This is because the FREAKING thing wouldn’t stop going out!!!!! Well the head I cut because I was getting a horrible draw but I believe that was my fault, didn’t have that problem the first two times I smoked this cigar though. Now back to the juicy stuff with the second half I experienced no change and was utterly disappointed. Just a full blast of pepper and leather not all that enjoyable  when you are looking for a tasty cigar.

My batting average is now 1 for 2 not doing to well, I don’t think I will be smoking anymore Viaje cigars for a little while due to the fact that the price is way to high for such a bland and boring cigar.

Also I wanted to say I’m sorry for not replying to comments lately I just have been busy, also I planned on doing a video review this week since its spring break for me but my brother is in France and has the camera. So soon my friends sooooooonnn I will be putting up a video review can’t wait to hear what ya’ll have to say. Have a two great weeks and god bless you all.

CAO Gold Vintage

Posted in Cigar Reviews on March 26, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduran

Size: Cremant (Toro 6×52)

Pre Light

The CAO Gold Vintage has a gorgeous looking Connecticut wrapper with a sweet aroma resonating from it. The triple cap of the head was perfectly applied and the foot has that same sweet aroma I smelled off the cold wrapper. I like the red and gold band against the light wrapper. The cigar is well packed from head to foot and has a little weight to it in my hand.

1st Third

The first few puffs are met with a slight pepper and a very creamy sweetness almost like a cup of coffee with extra cream. There is a slight earthiness in the underlying flavor left on the palette. The burn is nice and cool with a slight grey ash.

2nd Third

That creamy coffee flavor in the front portion of the cigar is still there. The pepper has dialed down but has been replaced with a nut flavor that compliments the creaminess. The Gold Vintage is putting off lots of smoke but is still burning slow and cool.

Final Third

Flavors in the final portion of this CAO have stayed the same with only the pepper kicking back up once in a while just to let you know it’s still there. I didn’t need any touch ups or relights throughout the entire experience.


I really enjoyed this cigar. With the EPC New Wave and couple others that were released this year it’s nice to see some enjoyable Connecticut cigars. The flavors were nice and construction was great. Price point was around $8 which isn’t too bad. But hey this is just my opinion try them for yourselves.

Keep em burnin’



Posted in Cigar Reviews on March 25, 2012 by smokinjoe65

PRE LIGHT; According to Nick Perdomo, the Exhibici’on blends include a full-bodied Exhibit Maduro. Each Perdomo Exhibici’on is meticulously blended with factory aged Cuban‐seed Nicaraguan fillers, including 4 year aged seco leaves from the renowned Condega region, 5 year aged viso leaves from the famous Jalapa Valley, and 6 year aged ligero leaves from the powerhouse valley of Esteli. These Cuban seed tobaccos have been carefully aged to perfection using time‐honored methods passed down through the Perdomo family from generation to generation.The wrapper on this is a dark almost oscuro in color and solidly packed. there was strong hints of bourbon emanating from this one…..I have read that after the wrapper leaf is selected it is ages in a bourbon barrel for an additional 14 months.

FIRST THIRD:  I was greeted by  a full on shock and awe of flavor from this stick. flavors of black cracked pepper and delicious bourbon flavor (yep I’m a bourbon man) the bodie was full,the flavor a tour de force with an easy draw.However I did not consider surrendering to nicks two-fisted flavor bout.This is what I call a pleasant wake up call; that you have lit up a cigar that will grab your pallets attention with a firm hand shake and say “here I am”.

SECOND THIRD; The flavors mellowed out and I was introduced to notes of oak and leather with caramel undertones from the whiskey flavor.the bodie also ramped down to a medium profile.This was a nice surprise for me as i wasnt sure if the first few inches were indicative of the rest of this smoke. It’s as if after introducing itself boldly it wanted to make a friendly impression:it did. The draw continued to be firm but not hard to smoke. The ash was thick and banded at first but then cleaned up to a grey/white ash. a bit flakey.

LAST THIRD; After enjoying the second third the flavors ramped back up as well as the bodie.This smoke wanted to leave with just as strong an impression as it made coming. the whiskey flavor and oak and leather became strong again as did the undertone of caramel. It was long on the finish but then this cigar let you know from git go; it was here to hang around awhile. I’m glad it did.

THE FINISH; Nick perdomo has been introducing more blends and he is a solid hitter when he steps up to the plate. I have been told that this year there’s even more in store from Tabcalera Perdomo. Since product is introduced at the ICPR trade shows,I guess I’m going to have to wait. But then Nick knows his business and nothing but Perdomo perfection will be brought out.This blend comes in a Connecticut and sun grown wrappers. They can be had in a sampler box with 2 of each wrapper. So if you would like to see how much a wrapper affects the taste of a blend,then by all means become more educated. ALL THE BEST- SMOKINJOE

Cut Above

Posted in Video Reviews on March 23, 2012 by MIKE

So today I decided to do something different,well at least here at MikesStogies. I’m doing a cutter video but not just a certain cutter a good overview of most cutters out there and the proper way to use. I know there are tons of blogs that have gone over this but its good to see what I prefer and what I think of certain cutters. Ok well I will state right off that I do not cover all cutter brands and yes majority of mine our Xikar but let’s be honest they make good shit. The list of cutters I show have a range from 2.00-60.00. Well enough of my written let’s get on with the video.

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