Size:6 1/2 x 58

Country of Origin:Dominican Republic

Wrapper Color:Natural


Wrapper Leaf Type;Connecticut

PRE LIGHT;The band has a retro look and the boxes that these cigars are packed in are a  revived version of an old box from the original El Credito factory in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is a Connecticut seed tobacco cultivated and cross-bred in Honduras.  The filler is a proprietary Nicaraguan and Dominican ligeros covered by a double binder of Nicaraguan and Mexican tobacco, and topped off with a triple cap.The toro sized cigar was well packed and firm from head to foot.

FIRST THIRD; After ignition of this hefty toro I was greeted with strong notes of ceder and damp earth.There was also a heavy overtone of spice and flavors were among the sharpest ive experienced  in recent memory. The triple cap clipped cleanly and the draw was full and easy,producing quickly those plumes of heavy smoke that enthusiasts like.given this is a la Gloria cubana;this doesn’t surprise me.

SECOND THIRD; The sharp ceder taste gave way to a more floral undertone with damp earth and peat competing back and forth.that sweet tobacco taste and floral tones came in sharp.The ash was dark and banded and the draw and light stayed consistent.

LAST THIRD; rounding it in towords home the flavors ramped up to a full taste of ceder and sweet tobacco as the bodie itself moved from medium/full to full on.Once again the most striking sensation was just how sharp the flavors were as I perceived them on my palate. Giannini and the guys at la gloria cubana have done Ernesto’s legacy justice.

THE FINISH; This blend is a bargain at around 7.00 a stick; less if you go in for a box(around 5.00). This blend had been worked on for a few years until it was perfected.They have carried on E.P. carillos’ work splendidly and I suggest you kick the tires on this one and take it for a whirl. This addition to the la Gloria cubana line will become an old friend. ALL THE BEST-SMOKINJOE.


  1. Good review, Joe. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much with this cigar, but I really liked it. It goes great with the morning coffee.

    • smokin joe Says:

      Thanks nick. Yeah I was a bit surprised myself. Always nice to see a line you like continue ,and build on its ” blend traditions” and not try to turn it into somethin.g its not k.own for.

  2. Great Review Joe I really enjoyed this stick, I was gifted a couple a while back and really liked it I will def. look for more of these

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Joe! I have been eye bollin’ these but have not tried any yet. Normally don’t smoke Connecticut wrapped cigars or La Gloria Cubana’s. Never really liked them years ago but have heard some good things lately. Would love to find a good Connecticut to smoke now and again though. Keep up the great work!

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