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Carlos Torano Noventa

Posted in Cigar Reviews on March 5, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano

Binder: Nicaragua Habano

Filler: Nicaragua (Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli, Jalapa and Condega)

Size: La Esperanza (6×52)

Pre Light

Today’s cigar is a lovely looking stick with its seamless wrapper and well applied triple cap. The wrapper has a sweet aroma to it and the smell and taste of the foot and heat was sweet and woody. The wrapper also had a slight oily sheen with a minimal amount of veins. While clipping the cap the cigar split which was a little concerning but the binder was intact so I went ahead with lighting it up.

1st Third

The cigar has started with a smooth sweetness of either caramel or nougat and is followed with a rich cedar on the aftertaste. The burn is even and cool. There is no real hint of spiciness which is a little surprising.

2nd Third

I picked up a few floral notes coming in and out in the middle portion of the cigar to go with the sweet and woody flavors I picked up in the previous few inches. As I started in on the second third the wrapper started to unravel put I soldiered through it and kept right on smoking. The ash holds on pretty well and the cigar is continuing to burn even with the wrapper problem.

Final Third

The spice factor kicked up in the last couple inches and was a nice change of pace. I also picked up some notes of nuts but only for a few moments.


This cigar had some good flavors to it and was very enjoyable except for the construction issue. I didn’t have the wrapper problems with any of the others I smoked for the review so I will have to chalk it up to bad luck. The price point on these wasn’t bad at around $9 a stick. So get out there and give them a try and let me know what you think.

Keep em burnin’



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