Diamond Crown Maximus No. 2

Today I am reviewing a gem of a cigar that I believe my good buddy Daryl gifted to me. It’s the Diamond Crown Maximum No.2. This cigar has a Sun Grown wrapper with a Dominican long filler. Price I found varies from 245.00 to 310.00 for a box of 20. I really enjoyed this cigar without giving away the review. So here we go let’s see what I think.

iOS users click here:http://blip.tv/file/get/Mikesstogies-DiamondCrownMaximusNo2900.m4v

4 Responses to “Diamond Crown Maximus No. 2”

  1. Great review Mike the New Shot looked fine, This stick must be something serious at that price range and to get that kinda review from you. If I can manage to find one of these some place I may have to pick up one just to give it a test drive. Hope all is well. Think of a Baseball bet its almost time to pony up !!!

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Loved the review Mike. I am gonna go right out and get me one of these! I need to get me one of those Four Kicks t-shirts as well! Keep up the great work bro.

    • Thanks Tad, this is one nice smoke with tons of richness. As for the Four Kicks shirt my thanks to Jon Huber.

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