Illusione HL Candela

We take on the Green Monster today folks, no not Fenway Park the Illusion HL Candela. This is a 7.5×40 Lancero at a price point of $11.10 depending on where you purchase. The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Candela and the binder along with the filler are both Nicaraguan. This is a medium to full body cigar made by Dion Giolito. So let’s see what I think of the Green Monster.

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3 Responses to “Illusione HL Candela”

  1. Great Review Mike I have been trying to find a Candela to smoke for St. Pats day but none of the local B&Ms have any, and I was never really happy with any I have smoked, I heard great things about this one and the LFD Double Claro I will have to search those out hopefully. As always keep up the good work…

    Oh I’m thinking Season long Best Record Bet??

  2. hey mike,

    Nice review. i like the no-bs style. All the extra info about the cigar details is available all over the place so it’s nice to see a reviewer NOT using a sheet of paper to recite the same old info that’s widely avail. all that matter is … did you like it?

    La Flor Dominicano also released a candela recently. it’s called the double claro. haven’t tried one yet but they’re in m humidor.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Jason thanks I do appreciate the kind words. I try to only five my honest opinion and some agree some don’t but that’s what makes us all different. Hope to see u around here more.

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