Wrapper: Maduro (oscuro)
Filler: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo
Size: 5X50
PRE LIGHT; this robusto is wrapped in a jet black, vienless and oily leaf.It feels well packed and the cold draw was perfect.The cap cut clean and there was a sweet  dank smell. This stick comes in around 2.50$ each on line. I have not seen any of these at any of my local B&Ms.

THE WHOLE SHEBANG; Ignition was trouble-free and i was greeted with strong flavors of espresso and dark slightly bitter chocolate.The bodie and flavor was full on from the start.I aslo had notes of roasted almonds pick up at about the half way point.The ash was a grey white and clinged to almost the halfway point. The last half of this robusto remained the same except for some  mild molasses sweetness surrounded by espresso and citrus notes with a long mild but satisfying pepper finish.

THE FINISH;The flavor is rich, a very chewy smoke. This cigar has stayed pretty consistent. It has been very full flavored and bodied yet also smooth. The core sweetness and flavor of the tobacco is well-balanced and very satisfying. The finish is solid and  It is definitely more of an assertive pepper flavor that is by no means overpowering. Just assertive and kind of creeps up on you. Good smoke.Ive enjoyed this robusto a few times. you should too.ALL THE BEST-SMOKINJOE.


  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    Sounds like my kid of stick! Thanx for the review! I’m gonna get me some of these.

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