Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro

Wrapper: San Andreas

Binder: Honduras

Wrapper: Honduras, Nicaragua

Size: Torpedo 6×52

Pre Light

I hope everybody had a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day and got to smoke some great cigars. Today I am smoking Alec Bradley’s Tempus Maduro which is double band with a foot band. The wrapper has a sweet barnyard aroma and doesn’t have any large veins. The foot smells of cocoa and pepper. After lopping off the extra pointy torpedo head the draw is nice and free. With those same cocoa and pepper flavors I got on sniffing the foot.

1st Third

The pepper burst on the initial first puffs was pretty mild with a sweet cocoa flavor along with a rich wood coming to the forefront of my palette. Lots of creamy white smoke off both the head and foot with a nice room aroma. The burn line has been sharp with no issues so far.

2nd Third

Here in the middle portion of the Tempus Maduro. I am still getting the cocoa and wood flavors with the pepper coming and going every few puffs. The burn has stayed cool and the line has stayed even. The ash has been holding on for well over and inch and is a light grey color.

Final Third

As I wrap up this cigar the flavor profile stayed the same throughout the final third with the wood and cocoa. I had no construction issues, needed no relights or touch ups and no complaints.


Although this cigar wasn’t very complex the flavors were enjoyable and blended well together. The price point isn’t on the high side either so I definitely will be picking a few more of these up.

6 Responses to “Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro”

  1. Nice review! I will def give this a try. Thank Griff!

  2. Great Review Griff. I haven’t had to many AB stuff I hear good things and the fact that they got Cigar of the Year actually makes me a little stand offish. But If I see one of these I’ll pick them up and try. Hope all is well

  3. Thanks for the AB love Griff. When did the Tempus get a new band? Keep the reviews coming brother.

  4. Cigarlifter Says:

    Haven’t tried this one yet. Sounds good though. I have always liked AB but usually they burn uneven. This one sounds like an exception. Thanks for the review. I enjoyed it.

  5. Nice review! I’m not a big fan of really any AB, except the American Classic. The Black Market is good, but still slightly boring. The Fine and Rare was awesome, but too expensive at 14 a stick. Hit twitter more often bro. It’s boring w/o you.

  6. Nice flavor on this Alec Bradley’s Tempus Maduro. I like it. Thanks for the review Griff.

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